Rugged Raisin Bread.

Bread that is made with raisins in it, and usually has been enhanced with cinnamon, is commonly called Raisin Bread. Most of the time white flour is used to make such bread, but variations often exist. Whole wheat flours are used, and often times oat flour because oats and raisins compliment each other well. Eggs can be blended in with butter, brown sugars can be used as well as honey. So when it comes to raisin bread, experimentation probably takes place at least one place on earth, each and every day. As for what meal raisin bread is eaten at, there is no hard and fast rule, but breakfast toast seems to be where this bread is cherished most. In written history, raisin bread at least dates back to 1671. The Europeans have knowledge of raisins in bread dating back to the 1400s.

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There are many who believe that the author Thoreau invented the bread. Nice, but probably not so accurate. Eastern European versions of the bread exist. Kringel is the Estonian version. Vianocka is the Slovakian version, and Challah is considered to be a Jewish version of the bread. One interesting thing about raisin bread, is that it is regulated in the USA, by the Federal Government. The Federal standard for raisin bread requires the bread to have enough raisins to equal at least half the weight of the flour used. Great protection for us raisin lovers. As it turns out, five breads made in the USA are regulated to make sure consumers do not get short changed. For our raisin bread recipe, we will opt for whole wheat flour. Yes white flour is more the norm, and there is a flour blend to this recipe, but in our recipes we wish to nourish as well as please the senses. So whole wheat flour will have it’s place in this bread.

Let’s now put all the ingredients out and at the ready.

So we start with two cups of whole wheat flour.

Then one tablespoon of active dry yeast.

Then one and a half teaspoons of sea salt.

Then one and a half cups of warm water.

Then three fourths cup of whole milk.

Then one third cup of molasses.

Then one third cup of melted butter.

Then one cup of red or yellow raisins.

And four cups of bread flour.

Therefore, the preparation for this mix is as follows. Mix the wheat flour. salt, yeast and sugar together in a big mixing bowl.

Then add the water, raisins, the butter, and the molasses, and thoroughly mix.

Next you will mix in the bread flour, and continue to mix until the formation of your dough.

Knead the dough for approx ten minutes, and add small amounts of flour if you need to.

Place the preparation in to a bowl that has been greased, and roll the dough over in to the grease so all of it is lubricated.

Cover the bowl with one of your kitchen cloths, and let the dough rise for an hour in a nice warm area.

When the hour has passed, knead the dough for another five minutes, and use the dough to make two equal loaves.

Put each loaf into a greased nine by five inch bread pan, cover, and let rise another thirty minutes.

Then it’s time to bake the breads at 350 degrees for approx 40 minutes.




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