RS The Lord of Vampyrium Guide with $10 off RSorder RSgold

The member-only RS The Lord of Vampyrium quest has master difficulty. During this quest you need to defeat Lowerniel Drakan and several Venators. But before starting the quest, you should see the requirements at first.

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Requirements for RS The Lord of Vampyrium quest 

The Lord of Vampyrium is the sixth part of Myreque quest series with master difficulty and very long length. To complete this quest, you need to meet the following skill and item requirements:
– 75 Attack
– 75 Defence
– 75 Strength
– 75 Constitution
– 79 Construction
– 78 Slayer
– 76 Hunter
In addition, you also should carry Darkmeyer disguise and Blisterwood weaponry or Ivandis flail while finishing The Lord of Vampyrium quest. And we also recommend that you’d better bring Drakan’s Medallion item.

Rewards for RS The Lord of Vampyrium

There are a sequence of rewards you can get after completing RS The Lord of Vampyrium quest:
– 2 quest points
– 75,000 Construction XP
– 50,000 Slayer XP
– 50,000 Hunter XP
– The Tome of xp 4th ed with 3 charges. Each charge gives 75,000 XP in a chosen skill with level 75 or above.
– Ability to craft more types of blisterwood weapons.
– Sunspear, a main hand melee weapon that burns vyrewatch corpses automatically
– The House Drakan outfit
– Drakan Wings
– Two titles: [Name] of the Myreque and [Name] of Vampyrium
– 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Take a sneak peek at the requirements of RS The Lord of Vampyrium quest.

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