RS Farming 120 Guide: How to Plant New Crops with 7% off Rsorder Cheap Runescape Gold

How about your progress for RS Farming 120 skill? Have you grown the new crops such as cacti, mushrooms or so on? From us you can learn the methods about how to obtain these seeds to grow new crops.

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New crops available for RS Farming 120 skill 

It has been almost one month since the Farming 120 skill was released. Have you reach the maximum cap 120 of Farming skill? While training this skill to the maximum level, you can be able to plant the following three crops:
– Cactus patch: It allows you to grow regular cacti, as well as dragonfruit and golden dragonfruit when reaching the appropriate level.
– New fruits: avocados, ciku fruit, mangoes, guarana, lychees and carambola on bushes and trees.
– Mushrooms: stinkshroom and tombshrooms

How to get seeds for these new crops? 

To get the seeds for these new crops available when Farming 120 was launched, you need to join in several activities. These activities with corresponding seeds are introduced below:

– Grove Creatures: Dragonfruit seeds; Guarana tree seeds; Avocado tree seeds
– Elite Clue’s: Dragonfruit seeds; Mango seeds; Lychee seeds; Guarana tree seeds
– Master Clue’s: Golden Dragonfruit seeds; Carambola seeds
– Pickpocketing Rogue Captains: Dragonfruit seeds; Mango seeds; Stinkshroom spores; Ciku tree seeds
– Big Game Hunter: Golden Dragonfruit seeds; Lychee seeds; Stinkshroom spores; Ciku tree seeds; Guarana tree seeds; Carambola seeds
– Dinosaur Slayer: Avocado tree seeds; Tombshroom spores; Mango seeds; Lychee seeds
– Harvesting Jadinkos:Avocado tree seeds; Stinkshroom spores; Tombshroom spores; Ciku tree seeds

Come to train your Farming skill to level 120 for these new crops.

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