Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost – What all it Includes?

While most men and women prefer undergoing lip augmentation surgery for increasing the size of their nose, there are many who feel that there are nose are too large in proportion to their remaining facial features. Instead of feeling self-conscious and worried about your appearance, you can choose to opt for rhinoplasty surgery to bring down the size of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed for reducing the size of defected nose, or both. If you are worried about the rhinoplasty surgery cost then a break down mentioned below would help you understand it in a much better way.

Basic cost

The entire procedure usually costs between $1500 and $4,000 for every nose for a total of $3,000 to $9,000 for lower and upper lip. Well, in most cases, you will find that the cost of the surgery offered by different cosmetic surgeons varies.

We all know that rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic reasons. In other words, it is a cosmetic procedure and often is not covered by any medical or health insurance.

What all should it include?

It is commonly performed in the office or hospital with anesthesia with IV sedation or local nerve block sedation. An incision is made towards the inside of the mouth, excises a part of the nose (or the excess implant or filler in case the surgery is being performed for correcting a previous lip augmentation), followed by closure of incisions with sutures. The entire procedure lasts for forty to fifty minutes.

You are required to take three days off from work if you are considering undergoing this surgery. You have to eat soft foods that you do not have to chew and apply ice. For those who are involved in more strenuous physical jobs have to take more time off from work. No exercise for at least four weeks. It might take a few weeks for swelling to subside however find results will be visible only after two to three months.

Additional costs for rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi

  • The cosmetic surgeon may prescribe steroid pills for reduce swelling
  • Patients who undergo this procedure for correcting a previous nose reshaping surgery might have to shell out additional money too. You might be able to get discount in case you are considering rhinoplasty surgery for both lower and upper lip.

Rhinoplasty recovery

Just like any other surgical procedure, even rhinoplasty procedure has some side-effects too. Although these side-effects are typically minor in comparison to several other invasive procedures such as eyelid surgery or facelift procedure, the fact that there are side-effects cannot be ignored. In the days after the procedure, patients have to apply ice bags and take pain medication to the nose for reducing and minimizing swelling and pain. In several cases, cosmetic surgeons use dissolvable sutures, thus there is no need to remove stitches. In a nutshell, for fast recovery, adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon.

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