Return of the Stink Bugs Infestation

It looks like many people have problems with stink bugs all year round. In essence, unfortunately, it’s true. They make their first appearance of the year in the spring with the peak season being early in May and end their appearance during the beginnings of the fall season. With a dumpy hibernation period, stink bugs re-emerge every year, wreak havoc, and return to hibernation. It’s a painful cycle for many agricultural farmers and even homeowners.

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Stink bugs were introduced to the United States from Asian countries. Many people will begin noticing them late in September which is when their peak flight activity starts. This is the time when stink bugs are looking for protection and a place to hibernate in throughout the winter. These protected areas can very well be your attic, crawlspace, sheds, and etc. Although they don’t cause much damage indoors and aren’t a health risk to people or animals, stink bugs are a huge nuisance outdoors on plants and foliage. After overwintering, they emerge in the early spring, which is when homeowners will again experience a massive flood of stink bugs making their way out of the attic to the garden. It’s the most horrid experience because they have tendencies to swarm in mass numbers. Some homeowners might even experience finding hundreds of stink bugs in their attics.

The key to preventing this type of swarm inside your house is exclusion. RIGHT NOW is the best time for elimination. Before the stink bugs begin making their way to YOUR house, you need to take pest control action with the help Pest Control Clyde North experts to make sure and seal all cracks and crevices.

Unfortunately for us, because stink bugs have a flattened body shape, it is fairly easy for them to fit through many cracks and crevices. Some target areas will be open vents in the attics, cracks and crevices by doors and windows, cracks in the eaves of homes and rooftops, and etc. Also, look over for cracks and crevices by basement foundations, basement windows, and also in sheds in the backyard and etc.

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Not only is enclosing cracks and crevices crucial to prevent a stink bugs infestation, but pesticides that have a long residual time can be applied to surfaces for a contact kill. As you may already know, professional-grade pest control products have been made available to homeowners so that you don’t need to hire expensive pest control service companies. All precautionary methods should be considered before applying any pesticide.

Elimination and chemical control will thoroughly keep you prepared for this coming fall. Specialists are saying that the stink bug madness is going to be huge fall season, so brace yourselves and prepare you! homeowners look like yell are going to get hit hard year! And hopefully, we will be able to help!



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