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Rent the Best Warehouse Spaces in Singapore

Warehouse space is essential for all businesses that deal with goods. There should be a space for storing the goods before it is being sent to the customers. Many companies who need space on a permanent basis have their own warehouses. But there are companies who may not need the space always. They may need warehouses of different sizes at different times. This makes having own warehouse not viable. With the exorbitant cost of real estate in Singapore, it is not possible for all companies to buy their own warehouses.

Renting Warehouses Is Beneficial

Renting warehouses can give you access to the most modern equipment and technology that is being constantly upgraded by the logistics companies. Renting of a warehouse is the main business for these companies and so they invest in modernizing the place. You get access to these when you rent the warehouse space. Leasing warehouses will also allow you to use the best systems that the logistics companies have along with their trained people.

When you rent a warehouse, you have the flexibility of getting the space where you want it. When you take warehouse space for rent you only have to pay for the space that you rent. You can also go for a warehouse of the size that you want. You also get the flexibility of using the warehouse for your required period. These are available both for short-term and long-term requirements. Depending on your requirement you can rent the warehouse and save money. You don’t incur any fixed costs towards space.

Check These When Leasing Warehouse Space

One of the first things to check is the heating, air conditioning and ventilation of the building. If your goods need to be kept at a particular temperature you will need air conditioning. Make sure the air conditioning of the warehouse is good so that your goods don’t get spoiled. You must also check with the warehouse owner who will be responsible for maintaining the air conditioning system when you rent the space.

You must check with the logistics company about how they are calculating the cost and what area they will be charging for. Different companies have different calculations for the area you use. You must also find out what facilities they will provide for the rent that you pay. It is better to get all the things cleared before you sign the agreement.


The other things you must know is about the security of your goods. Many of the warehouses today have 24-hour surveillance which will ensure that your goods are safe. You must find out what warehouse management system they use to record the movements of your goods. Find out about the equipment they can provide you for moving and storing the goods.

Distributing Goods from the Warehouse

It is not always that you move the goods from the warehouse to one location. You may import goods that need to be sent to multiple locations. You must make sure your warehouse operator has the facilities for that. They must give you permission to un-stuff your container in the warehouse and sort the goods. You must be able to re-palatalize and re-label the goods for forwarding them to your customers

When you rent a warehouse in Singapore you can also find if the logistics company have its transporting facility. This will help you in moving the goods from the warehouse to the places where you want to deliver them. Many of the logistics companies will undertake the distribution work if you give them details of where you want the goods delivered.




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