Remove Cat Urine Odor from Carpet

Many frustrated pet owners face the problem of trying to learn How to Remove Cat Urine Odor from Carpet. In order to get rid of the cat urine odor, you will need to not only clean the area, but also stop the cat from returning. The smell of ammonia will be similar to the smell of the cat urine, and can actually cause your cat to continue urinating in the area. To counteract the cat urine, you would need to use the best cat urine odor removers so that it would soak deep into the floors as well. One of the best solutions to get rid of a cat pee smell is to try and eliminate the wet urine patch or stain as soon as possible. The pee odor could be the result of person urine, dog urine, cat urine, or any other type of pet urine.

Enzymatic cleaning products are able to eliminate the cat urine stains and are also able to neutralize the cat urine odor. Unlike new urine stains, white vinegar is appropriate to use with old stains as a cat urine odor remover. As most pet odor removal products are non-toxic and safe, some of them can even be sprayed directly onto your pets to help neutralize pet odors. Designed specially to deal with hard odors like cat urine, Odor Destroyer is a formulated mix of odor eliminating compounds. There is lots of commercial cat urine cleaning products, but not all of them work. Commercial products can be an expensive option to cat urine odor removal, and the results may be no better than if you use a home-based preparation.

You may have to repeat a few more times to see a great improvement. Depending on how deep the urine has soaked in, you may have to treat the area two or more times. To make matters worse, once a pet urinates in one area, it tends to return to that same area in order to urinate over and over again.

You will need to spray a little amount of the mix onto the affected part and give it a minute to soak in. You need to use an amount of Urine-Erase in a quantity equivalent to the urine. Slowly tip the enzyme cleaner on/around the affected part of carpet, ensuring it has the possibility to actually soak in thoroughly. Freely spray the solution on the urine stain, clean, and do again as often as needed to remove any long-lasting odor. Maybe apply a 25 to 1 solution of water and bleach for the next wetting. After the vinegar dries, wash away both solution and blemish with lukewarm water.

You will need to soak the carpet and carpet pad carefully. You were right to change the carpet and pad, but pet urine soaked throughout the pad and old carpet and into the wooden sub floor. When inspecting your carpet, plan to cover the entire room, and start by checking the perimeter. The carpet has been continually cleaned, shampooed, nil odor sprayed, deodorized and professionally cleaned by Sunshine Coast carpet cleaners only 5 days ago. The longer the cat’s urine remains in the carpet, the more pungent the smell becomes, quite overpowering if not neutralized and hygienically cleaned.



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