Recruitment Mistakes in Nursing and How To Avoid Them

Recruitment is a tough job and it takes a lot of patience and determination to recruit the right people for the right job. Healthcare industry is an industry with multifarious hiring needs, with a very dynamic workforce. In such areas with high need for functional precision and patient care needs, it can be safely assumed that the job market can be harsh. The recruiter in such conditions can be faced with tough times and have a stressful, tiring and difficult life at workplace. And one cannot ignore the fact that there can be times when a wrong hire is made which can be a huge waste of time and money in selection, recruitment, training and other human resources costs of an organisation.

Herein, we look at some of the common mistakes that the management must avoid.

– The management should build in candidate longevity as a key result objective for recruiters in their agreement. Recruiters primarily focus on closing the vacancy and getting the candidate on board without considering the long term benefits to the company. Thus by making the recruiter accountable for this parameter, better results can be expected.
– Multi-level selection also ensures that a candidate is vetted at various levels. A consent vote from the department where the candidate would be employed in addition to the human resource department. This will also prevent any favour based hiring by a single influential member. Effective placement is singularly focussed at hiring the right candidate.
– Critical evaluation should be given more importance than first impressions. Recruitment is not about winning a popularity contest. Impressions may be deceiving, a set out standard evaluative screening procedure for candidate selection can help identify the best candidate.
– Companies may reject over-qualified candidates, which means refusing candidates for a job because they may be over experienced or better qualified. Remember they will only bring more maturity, job knowledge and functional understanding to the role. It makes no sense tor effuse a better skilled candidate, he may actually contribute to the business growth.
– Offering remuneration which is below the market standards can lead to loss of good candidates. Most of the companies have an internal structure that benchmarks the salary scales for every job role and when drafting out the job essentials for a new hire. For a new position, it is best to conduct a market research and determine a fair remuneration to ensure that the right candidate does not go to the competition. Even after contacting the right recruitment agency, instating a good selection procedure, some companies simply lose out on the right candidate due to this important recruitment mistake.
– Filtering out candidates who are less qualified can also prove to be detrimental in certain high turnaround positions. A company should bear in mind that the employees who succeed at their jobs are those who put in more in work and less skilled labourers work harder to meet the job objectives, meet the deadlines and perform well at the job functions. Thus, the organisation should also consider the potential of the candidate and their traits in addition to the qualification metrics.
– Simply depending on the company’s branding and marketing strategy to attract the right candidate can be detrimental to get the right candidate.

Care staff recruitment agencies can help company identify and have easy access to lots of candidates to choose from and select the best suited candidate for the job.



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