Reasons to visit an Emergency Dentist!


Dental emergencies can hit anyone at any time and with no warning. In fact, a person playing football can accidentally end up knocking out front teeth, or someone on vacation can slip and fall chipping some of their front teeth. From bagel seeds to misplaced fly balls causing painful inflammation there are all sorts of dental emergencies.

When should you visit an emergency dentist in Parramatta?

The assistance of an emergency dentist is needed for some instances like dental trauma. For example, there is no sense waiting to visit a regular dentist if you suffer nearly unbearable oral pain that has resulted from a knocked out tooth. Dental help from an emergency dentist is much needed to restore the functionality of your mouth, alleviate the pain, and ensure you do not end up with a smile you are embraced to flaunt.

Failing to get treatment immediately for the oral health challenges given below, you will likely find your condition worsens requiring intense treatment in the following weeks, months, or years.

Lost tooth:

Teeth that are chipped, broken, loose, or falling out require expertise and immediate attention from the dentist. Whether it is because of decay or as a result of sports injury, when a tooth is lost the patient becomes a candidate for emergency care. If the lost tooth is salvageable, then chances are it can be reattached to the socket. However, this must be done within a short period, say an hour or two.

Severe pain:

Toothaches, throbbing gums and other forms of unbearable oral pain require immediate treatment. Oral pains may indicate an underlying issue such as an infection, gingivitis, or extensive decay. If the pain lingers, you should rush to emergency dentist Parramatta to find out what exactly is wrong and eliminate the discomfort.

Chipped tooth:

A chipped tooth is one universal dental emergency. Some hard foods or some kind of injury or accident can result in a chipped tooth. While a person might be embraced to live his life with a chipped front tooth, they can be fixed with a bond, veneer or a crown.

Uncontrollable oral bleeding:

Blood stemming out from gums is common for people who do not floss at the proper frequency. However, excessive bleeding could be a sign to indicate it’s time to visit a dentist. Apply solid but gentle pressure on the bleeding area and visit Parramatta dental clinic immediately.

Whenever there is an injury to the mouth or teeth seek emergency care as soon as possible. In the event of a suspected emergency, don’t wait.

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