Reasons To Choose Cooler Bags


Over the past years, the coolers have dramatically changed. The most notable and biggest change is the evolution of the cooler bag from old-fashioned to the rigid ice chest style coolers. Even though it is still available and suited for some specific purpose, the modern cooler bags Australia seems to be more convenient and comfortable for the users. Nowadays, the cooler bags become a popular advertising gift.

Cooler bags should not be used with ice cubes. If you’ve ever used a rigid ice chest, you’re probably used to filling it up with ice cubes to keep the contents colder, longer. Ice cubes are not recommended for use with cooler bags because they can actually puncture and tear the foil inner lining of the bag. Instead, keep the interior cool with self-contained ice packs. They’re safer and less messy, too.

A Wide Variety Of Colours And Styles

The cooler lunch bags in Australia are available in variety of colours. If you’re trying to find promotional cooler bags that complement your logo, a few companies will help you choose the perfect model that will give your customers a positive and long-lasting impression of your company.

A Variety Of Features

Often the lunch cooler bags contain all kinds of special features, including shoulder straps, telescoping handles and wheels, pockets for small food and personal items, flexible mesh pockets for promotional water bottles and beverage containers and more.

Cooler Bags Come In A Wide Variety Of Sizes

As the cooler bags are flexible, they can be manufactured in a greater range of sizes and even shapes than the rigid ice chest. Often the promotional cooler bags come in sizes just big enough to fit a small lunch, one baby bottle or two or three beverage cans, up to sizes that are big enough for 36-48 beverage cans or an entire day’s worth of meals. Whatever the size you need, you can get it based on your requirement.

Cooler bags in Australia rely on a different type of insulation than ice-chests. The ice chest uses Styrofoam to prevent the transfer of heat between the outside and the inside. Styrofoam is an excellent, lightweight and economical insulator. However, its biggest drawbacks are its bulkiness and its fragility. This necessitates being surrounded by a protective hard shell which adds even more bulk and weight to the cooler.

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Rory Jayasinhe

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