Quick and Easy Tips to Decorate your Rustic Coffee Table

A rustic coffee table adds a simple, homely appeal to living spaces. It brings together the seating scheme and completes a living room or an outdoor area where you spend time with your family and friends. Choosing the right rustic coffee table is just one part of setting up the space; the other lies in decorating it. Here are some unique ideas to add beauty to and jazz up this piece of furniture.

Add a fresh touch with flowers

There’s nothing like a touch of green or color over the rustic brown beauty. Pick fresh cut flowers and place them in a clear glass vase to lend a soothing appeal to the living room. It’s also a great way to show off picks from your garden if you own one. Using fresh flowers lets you rotate them as and when you please. They’re also great means to perk up your mood on dull days or surprise your partner on special occasions.

Bring out the bibliophile in you

If you love books and are fond of showing off your collection to visitors, consider the rustic coffee table in your living room. Stacking a pile or your favorite or most prized possessions personalizes the space and makes an instant impression on your guests. Not just books, you could stack up magazines too. The bundles make great conversation starters and create a statement about your personality as a homeowner. You could even consider buying a couple of them off the thrift store to go with the rustic look of the table.

Add an artistic focal point

Placing a single object of interest is yet another way to decorate a rustic coffee table. Consider objects like antique jars, vases, metallic cloches etc. for a vintage touch. Choose wooden artefacts, figurines etc. for a seamless rustic look. The industrial theme is one that blends well with the rustic style. Consider an old or used hanging lamp, a worn out metallic jar, a bird cage, or just anything that gives an exposed feel. Such accessories complement rustic coffee tables that are colored or have unique finishes.

Decorate with upholstery

A rustic coffee table may be simple and unassuming, but it sure benefits from a pop of color. Consider upholstering the table top with fabrics. These could be solid colored pastels with large weaves, or printed ones with mellow designs like florals, rustic foliage etc. Upholstering rustic coffee tables also lets you mix and match them with the rest of the furniture in the living room.

Lend it a ‘light’ touch

Lighting up rustic coffee tables adds to their beauty. Consider tealights, candles, votives etc. to bring in a countryside appeal in the evenings or at night. You could use a single, large candle, especially on a low-lying coffee table. You could place them in multiple or staggered heights for a well-lit look. A decoration of this kind is nothing less than a spectacular visual when you invite guests over.


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