Questions To Ask Before Choosing the IT Support Company

The easier way to choose the right company for your IT Solutions Services is to ask a set of questions and determine how good they are to take care of your IT support needs. Here is the list of questions you must ask for choosing the right firm.

Can you provide some reference companies?

Gathering a number of references from those who have already used the company’s services is the most reliable way to ascertain the capabilities and the quality of service of a company. When you contact the reference company, ask them whether the company delivered them what it promised; is the company acting responsibly, do they communicate well, do they keep up the timelines, and will they use the company’s services again.

How old and big is your company?

Small firms and startup firms might not be able to deliver you what you are expecting. As a company grows in experience and years of existence, they accumulate a good amount of exposure to the industry. They learn some strategies and good practices. They also get advanced in technology. Therefore it is important to go with the company that has a long history combined with a bigger size meaning more employees. At the same time, this does not mean you must choose the largest firm since bigger firms might not be able to understand you and your requirements well.

Do you provide different kinds of support?

Many professionally operated companies provide different kinds of services to choose from making it convenient to choose the right package that suits your needs, convenience and budget. Some of the different services include the following. Pay as you go support means paying hourly rate for the services rendered. This is probably the most expensive option in the long run. Break fix support charges hourly or offered on a fixed price contract. The amount is either paid in advance or after the service is delivered. The third type is the managed service support meaning that the company gets to manage your systems on a continuous basis to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This type of service requires you to sign up for an annual maintenance contract. Also, if you plan to sign up for a maintenance contract, ask them whether you can terminate the contract if you are not happy with the services.

What is the maximum response time?

Once the service call is booked by the company, you must be able to expect the problems rectified with a quick turnaround time. It is good to find a guaranteed response time as it would let you be assured of the fact that they will not be able to ignore your call and will start doing something within the stipulated time. At the same time, understand that going into the root of some critical problems do take enough time and therefore no company can guarantee you the time within which any issue can be resolved.

Only when you are satisfied of the company’s response to the above, you can go with the other questions to finalize the services of the company.

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