Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury is a very serious matter. Personal injury cases need expert legal advice and in the majority of the cases. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, make sure your legal team who is an expert motorcycle accident attorney or an auto accident lawyer.

When you have been involved in a personal injury or have faced multiple injuries, you need an experienced personal injury attorney or legal representative in order to help you get the right compensation and justice you deserve.

Personal injuries can happen to anyone due to a wide range of reasons. These types of cases and lawsuits can be categorized into the following:-

  • Auto Accident
  • Injuries due to Negligence
  • Burn Injury
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Criminal Negligence
  • Defective Product Liability
  • Aircraft Injury
  • Criminal Malpractice
  • Industrial Accident
  • Animal Attacks or Bites
  • Other Personal Injuries

Personal injury means a form of injury which involves harm to the body or mind. Choosing the right attorney is crucial to right and wrongdoings in these cases.

Here are some questions you should ask your personal injury attorney in case you or your loved one has faced any form of injury which falls into the above groups?

1. How much experience do you have in personal injury cases?

A reputed law firm has a dedicated team of lawyers and attorneys to take personal injury cases. Reputed lawyers or attorneys who deal with these cases have a good experience in handling them skillfully.

They have in-depth knowledge in such type of cases and can be very helpful in dealing with these cases. You can ask how many cases they have won and how much is their total settlement value till date with cases like a motorcycle accident, burn injury or auto accident or to get a better idea of how much value they provide you with your case.


2. How much is this going to cost you?

One of the most important questions you need to ask your personal injury attorney is how much fees they are going to charge as personal injuries can happen due to negligence or neglect. Fees and costs can vary on case to case basis. Personal injury attorneys represent their clients on a contingency fee basis.

The fees which are payable to the attorney usually are a percentage of the potential total settlement value. Contingency fees are contingent on the attorney winning the case and based on a fixed percent on the total value of the settlement value. The agreement should clearly state the fixed percentage which will be the fees charged by the lawyer(s) working on your case.

You need to make sure that the personal injury attorney who is going to be the legal representative in your case has a good experience on the subject matter. Be careful of hiring inexperienced lawyers who are not familiar with personal injuries due to factors like a burn injury, motorcycle accidents, and auto accidents.


3. Is the state bar council ever taken disciplinary action against you or your firm?

This is yet another important question for deciding whether the lawyer is worth it. You should ask and get straight answers on whether the attorney or firm has/have ever faced disciplinary or legal proceedings.

This needs to be assessed properly and can give you a pretty good idea of their past history. It can be an anchoring factor to help you decide whether you want to go with them or not.


4. How much is your case worth?

That’s the golden number which is your case worth. Now, you need to keep in mind that your personal injury attorney will have a range whether they can take up the case. If the value is significant and there is a good chance of winning, your case is taken up.

Also you need to be careful not to fall for promises which are out of reach. The potential value always differs on a case to case basis. Factors like medical history, background checks, and any key and vital information should always be disclosed before lawyers assess the potential value of the case.

If you don’t disclose all the necessary facts and information to the lawyer, it can significantly harm your case in the future as the legal proceedings begin. Remember: Never hide anything from your personal injury attorney!


5. Will you have the right people for your case?

Your attorney or law firm needs to make time and significant efforts to bring it home. If they take up your case and leave it hanging then you will face a tough time.

Ensure that your legal representatives have evaluated on exactly what they will do and need to do in order to win the case for you. Remember: Your personal injury attorney needs concrete facts, substantial facts and establishing evidence for getting a favorable outcome for your personal injury case no matter what the case type may be.

In case of a multiple automobile accident, call your auto accident lawyer or motorcycle accident attorney immediately to ensure that you don’t face any losses due to swift legal action taken against you irrespective, when you being right.


6. Who will be in charge of your case?

It is very important that you ask who will be the one who handle your case in court. It will be crucial that you establish a good rapport and declare all the information, facts and figures he or she needs to know and take into account before the case has started.

Don’t be afraid to ask and speak the truth to your personal injury attorney. There is something called client-attorney privilege which binds your lawyer not to discuss or disclose any and all the information which is relevant and related to the case.

If you give your 100% correct and truthful information to your auto accident lawyer, it will be very useful and helpful for him/her to win the case and get you the right compensation you deserve.


7. How much participation required by you?

When a case goes to trial, you need to be ready to answer any questions which may be asked to you. Having a rock solid idea of what kind of questions you may be asked is crucial for a successful case and trial.

If you fumble or are clueless about certain tricky questions which may be asked to you, it is possible that you can tilt and pivot the flow of your own case away from your favor.

So, it is imperative that you be in touch with your lawyer in order to prepare thoroughly for the case trial. If you have a lot of mock trials with your lawyer to get a good idea of what might occur on the actual case trial, it will be very useful and helpful for you when you go to court and face the judge.


8. How long is this going to take?

This is one of the deciding factors for your case. If the case go on for a long period of time, it is better to go with a firm which has a full-fledged team of legal representatives who can get the job done no matter how long it takes for the win.

What matters the most is getting the victory in the case and the best possible outcome in your favor. If you go ahead with a small legal team, it will be very difficult as they wouldn’t have deep pockets and resources at their disposal for working on your case with full dedication and responsibility.

It is always best to have resources at one’s disposal for backup in case things go south!

It is not necessary that the legal representative who represents you in your case is the one and the only person who is in charge of the case. There may be several people who may step in if the circumstances and situations suggest so.

The only thing which matters is that you and your personal injury attorney do what it takes to right a wrong. The case value may not be of significant value in terms of money, but what is of significant value is the satisfaction of getting the victory and being triumphant.

Client-attorney privilege is great but it only come into play if there’s full transparency between you and your attorney and your lawyer understand what the case is all about and why this is important for you.

So, these are some of the questions which you can ask your attorney before you finally decide to proceed further with signing a legal contract for your case.

Personal injury is something which should not be taken lightly, even if the injury extent or damages is not severe or traumatic.

So, always choose the best lawyer for your case because your lawyer or legal representatives will be the deciding factor for getting justice.

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