Promoting Yourself To Land That Dream Job

Recruitment is a tricky business, and increasingly job seekers are looking to break the selection code to get that plush job. The two main key points are self promotion and marketing! A smart jobseeker would know and realizing the value of raising his profile and marketing himself by building up his brand is sure to get that coveted job.

TIP # 1 is to remember you are the valuable product: Yes, as one progresses forward in one’s career, it becomes imperative to market oneself. In order to do that you need to view your skill set as a product. Explore questions like what is your niche in a functional role, who would be able to offer you best job and thus would make your target consumer? Also it can help to chalk out the opportunities and the challenges in your job territory. Thus an effective marketing strategy can be instrumental to you as a job seeker.

TIP#2 is to making yourself accessible to the recruitment market: Once you have laid out the place where you want to go to, you need to chart out a plan to reach there. This involves polishing your promotional strategy and obtaining and attracting attention of companies and recruitment agencies. For this lets us ask some basic product promotion questions:

Q1 What is the product USP? This is where your skill set and talent comes into play. These form your unique selling point. In order to strengthen your USP you may have to not only upgrade your existing skill set but also refine your interview and presentation skills. These include making a good first social media impression – by aligning and polishing your social platform profiles. Then it involves refreshing your resume or the CV. It should be customized to the job, you are interested in with a clear message or answer to the job specifications advertised.
The idea with refining all your online and offline professional appearance is to make your candidature into a desirable product.

Q2 What is the product price? Reflect on your experience, skill set, ability and competencies to apply to the roles which are in alignment with your expertise and can financially compensate for your professional aptitude.

Q3 What is the product market? So now you have to decide, as to where exactly would you be marketing yourselg i.e. offline or online recruitment portals, agencies and other channels like job boards, job fairs and relevant platforms for maximum visibility. The focus should be to be visible across a larger audience so as to be easier to find. Thus, you should promote and leverage your skills and experience on several multifaceted platforms both online and offline.

Q4 What is product promotional message? This is the most important aspect of a marketing promotion strategy of any product. Thus, it is necessary to draft out the correct message in all our communications in the form of social media profiles and cv. These communicative materials should be aligned to covey the same message. This promotion is about optimizing these online and offline platforms, where you have made yourself available and visible to the recruitment market.
So bring it all together, to send out a clear message to that dream job to come and get you!

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