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Fox Mowing SA – Lawn Mowing service offers a professional lawn cut with well finished edges for your complete lawn area or garden. At Fox Mowing SA we are not only doing just the mowing, but our professional and well-trained gardeners can serve you for your lawn care, weeding, and pest control. We have all sorts of equipments like hand mowers and also ride on mowers. We use appropriate machinery according to the size of your lawn area.


A well maintained lawn gives great look and that is why we can help you to design a maintenance programmed according to your requirement. We do once of mowing and we also serves at different intervals (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) according your garden’s needs. For regular maintenance, you only need to call us once and we will book you in our system for the time period as per your requirement.


Regular hedging, pruning, and trimming are essential to maintain plants, shrubs, and small trees, which also gives a great look to your garden.


At Fox Mowing SA we have professional and specially trained staff to remove your unwanted or dead trees. We also provide weeding after cutting the trees.


Gutters can damage the roof if it’s not cleared regularly. Dust and leaves blocks the gutters that causes water build up in the gutter. Gutter cleaning looks an easy task; however, it can be dangerous for you or your roof. At Fox Mowing SA we have trained staff and commercial equipments to clean your gutters. We are not only clearing but cleaning the gutters to avoid any damage to your roof.

Removing general or garden rubbish is really a big hassle. Also it creates more headaches when you don’t have an appropriate vehicle to remove the rubbish. Fox Mowing SA is quick & cheap solution to remove your unwanted stuff or garden rubbish. After removing the rubbish, we also do cleaning of your garage, so that you can use your garage to store your stuff again.


This service is designed for the real estate companies and builders. A well maintained lawn or garden helps real estate companies and builders to present the rental or sell properties. As a professional lawn mowing business owner, we understand that the appearance is very important for rental or sell properties and that is why we have specially designed service for lawn and garden care for our commercial customers.



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