Product Development way to Customer Satisfaction

The world is at a place where the only constant is change itself. Every day, every field launches something new. Whether it is a restaurant introducing a new dish or Apple Inc. releasing a new iPhone. The development is constant. Hence, be it any industry, product development is one of the most crucial aspects of surviving in this corporate world of cutthroat competition.

Customer Satisfaction is another important factor that helps a business or person stay afloat among hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors around us. While internet and mass media marketing is a crucial tool for getting out there these days, word of mouth and peer reviews are still the method of advertising with the most weightage. This, however, is something that can be achieved only through customer satisfaction, for who is going to recommend a product to a friend if they themselves are not fully satisfied with it?

Product Development is one way of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here in, we explain how one can use product development as a way to customer satisfaction.

  1. Hear their point of view: All currently marketed products have their pros and cons. Listening to the customer reviews and finding out these pros and cons is a great way of planning the next step of your product development. If a company listens to the reviews and the demands of their customer and implement it in their product development, they win customer loyalty and a higher sense of customer satisfaction.
  2. Survey their needs: Most of the companies know what is their target market. However, it is necessary to frequently survey their market, be it geographic or age wise or any other category, and find out what their requirements are. For example, a company launching a new water purifier can research the geographic area of their target market and see what are the impurities commonly found in the water and develop their product accordingly. This will not only help them improve their product but if properly marketed, can make the customer feel special, winning their confidence and loyalty further.
  3. Stay a step ahead of competitors: Customer loyalty is hard to win. One wrong step and rest assured, your competitor will snag away that customer. Satisfaction is the only way of maintaining that loyalty. Product development and the addition of extra features, a new line of products, etc., all help the business in staying ahead of their competitors in terms of what they can offer the customer. Giving better products than competitors is one of the surest ways of gaining customer satisfaction. 

Product development and its necessity is something that is understood by most business but what most fail to understand is how useful a marketing tool it can be. At Future Factory we believe Product Development India is a priceless tool for business that is severely underutilized. Our aim is to undertake the process of product development in such a way that it is not just a yearly or quarterly product launch but rather the foundation on which the dynamics of the business can be sustained.



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