Preparing Your Car for an Interstate Trip: Things to Check before you Leave

Road trips can be very taxing on everybody including your car. You will need to be prepared for every challenge that the road throws at you. If you are going for an interstate trip, the challenges will double up. So, it is important that you plan ahead for your trip and prepare your car accordingly for it. You will have to get the car inspected and ensure that it is ready for the exertions of the road. This is important because if the car breaks down during the trip, you will find it hard to find a mechanic to get it fixed. In this article, we will discuss the things you need to check before leaving for your interstate road trip.

Spare Wheel

Before going on any road trip, you need to first check the condition of your spare wheel. During an interstate trip, there is always the risk of a tyre blowout. So, having a spare wheel is incredibly important to continue moving forward. You need to make sure that the spare wheel has the right amount of pressure and is ready to be installed in place of a blown-out tyre if the need arises. Aside from checking the spare wheel, you need to also ensure that the tools needed for making the tyre change are also in good working condition. Don’t forget to put the spare wheel along with the tyre-changing kit back into the trunk after inspecting them. You don’t want to be leaving for your trip without them.

Engine Oil and Coolants

A fluids-check must be a priority before any kind of road trip. You need to check the levels of all the important fluids that keep the car running smoothly. This includes the engine and brake oils as well as the coolant in the car’s radiator. You don’t want to have low levels of any of these fluids. So, if your inspection reveals that the levels are low, you should check for leaks and get the necessary repairs done before heading out on the road. It is also wise to keep a bottle of engine oil and coolant in your car for emergencies.

Wipers and Lights

Inspecting the wipers and lights of the car is also an important task that must be carried out before starting the interstate trip. You can test if the wipers are working or not by spraying a little water on the windscreen and checking if the wipers can clear the water or not. Make sure that there are no streaks caused by the wipers. If there are streaks then it is best to replace the wipers.

As for the car’s lights, you need to make sure that every one of them is working properly and hasn’t blown out. The headlights of the car need to be checked first as they will be needed the most if you will be driving at night. Moreover, the brake lights must also be inspected as they tend to blow out regularly because of their high usage.

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