Practical Ways to Show Gratitude


Saying thank you is a sign that we are grateful for something. We need to be able to say this every day for the different things we are grateful for. Gratitude means being thankful for what we receive be it physical or not. This gratitude can be expressed in words or action, for example contacting the flower delivery London Ontario shop to send flowers to someone we are grateful to.

By being grateful for the good in our lives we are more aware of life and its goodness that surrounds us. It is scientifically proven that teens who are grateful will have better school grades, more satisfaction from life as well as better mental health.

Here are some benefits of practicing being thankful

– You are positively energized to do more positive things like exercising and eating healthy

– People who are thankful have better sleep patterns

– Low likelihood of depression

– Less occurrence of jealousy

– General state of happiness

– It fuels resilience

– Increases self-esteem

– Helps in making better decisions

– It is easier to sustain relationships

– Thankful people are liked more by others

– Better fulfillment

So now that we have established that being thankful and showing gratitude is beneficial, let us see the ways we can practice gratitude.

Personal Gratitude

Start with the things around you and appreciate them. Nature usually inspires gratitude, a visit to the florist London Ontario may be a good idea to pick up some flowers you love just for yourself and have them at your home.

You can also keep a journal to record all the things you are thankful about. It could be written or even a voice recording on your phone.

Find something positive in the stress you may be going through. There is always something to learn in such situations.

Meditate on the good things you have in your life including the people that make you happy.

Avoid all kinds of negativity like resentment, gossip, and anger

Gratitude Towards Friends and Family

You spend a lot of time around friends and family, it is only natural that you should be thankful to them for something. Think of those things and let them know you are grateful and why.

Spend more time with them doing fun stuff, a party to celebrate friendship is a good idea.

Have spontaneous outings, just because you are happy to know them

Feel free to even write a letter expressing how thankful you are

Communicate with your family regularly, be it to catch up or just to check if they are okay

Gratitude Towards Your Partner

Start by always being there for them like they are there for you, make sacrifices for their benefit.

Gifts for no particular reason can be a great way to show gratitude, you can stop by the flower shops London Ontario and pick up flowers to let them know you were thinking about them

Spend time doing fun things together

Keep a gratitude jar and write things you are grateful about and drop it into the jar

Give specific reasons why you are thankful for every day as you go to bed

Being thankful is scientifically proven to improve a person’s life. We should all find reasons to be thankful and quite often it is the simple things that can make a difference, the smell of a rose from a flower delivery London Ontario shop can be a reminder of the good things you have in your life.

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