Possible Ways to ‘Fix My Credit’

Achieving a higher credit means qualifying for a lower interest rate, an easy mortgage or having better terms on your loan, a rewarding job or a new credit card. If you’re wondering how to repair your credit rate and make yourself more attractive to your lenders, there’re a number of ways to fix and improve your credit score in due course of time.

Nonetheless, one of them is obviously to get through the latest credit report received from three credit bureaus and reviewing them to find negative entries in them and disputing them with the relevant parties for removing them, which should start improving your credit score. Yes, errors in credit reports have emerged as one of the most frightening issues to consumers these days. In the latest Federal Trade Commission (FTC) review, it has found that 1 in every 5 American consumers have one of the more erroneous entries in one of their credit reports received from bureaus.

More shockingly, 25% of those reports expose some sort of wrong entries, including incorrect or personal information, charge offs, collections, tax liens, or late payments which can drag down your score by 25 points or even more than that. However, the biggest challenge of choosing the way is that since you’re not familiar with the credit laws, you can do no more than only spoiling your time and money.

Rather than improving your credit score, the aim of ‘fix my credit’ advantage is to audit those reports and pinpoint the erroneous entries and then to dispute on them with the concerned parties as well as to get them removed from those credit reports. As these errors are the chief causes which negatively impact on your credit report, once deleted by credit bureaus, it automatically boosts your credit score, enabling you to find a solid boost in your credit score within as minimum as 30-45 days.

You Depute Professionals

Equipped with fix my credit professionals, you basically deploy experts and let them take the responsibility to study and identify the negative entries in your credit reports that affect your score severely. Accordingly, after pinpointing such entries, they start sending letters to relevant parties as per their strategic plan and help you concentrate on your core activity area instead of taking unwanted worry concerning your poor credit status.

Experts Know the Law

While attempting to fix your credit score on DIY procedure appears to be extremely challenging due to your ignorance of the laws, with years of specialization in the industry and insightful knowledge on the credit laws, they can be hardly misguided by creditors, credit bureaus, or credit card companies. They dispute on every doubtful and flawed entries and make the parties to eradicate those entries based on the prevailing credit laws while improving your credit score, which you can find in as little as 60 days from that date of deletion.

They Work with Creditors

Based on the custom-made strategic plans, the professionals start their dispute process through personal meetings and repetitive communication with Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, and creditors directly. The deletion of the wrongful entries uplifts your credit score consistently. In fact, with their authority, knowledge, and efficiency, they have more access which others cannot match.

Faster Processing

No wonder it may need you to spend more time merely to put a dispute on the errors found in your credit report while the specialized credit repair companies can get results within the next 45-60 days of their process. While fighting on the DIY process doesn’t guarantee you any positive result, outfitted with ‘Fix my credit’ group, you can stay peaceful and enjoy benefits of your increased credit score, which has been guaranteed.


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