Positive Thinking is Necessary to Move Forward in Career Goal

In nowadays, most of the companies is taking interview for hiring the candidates & it has become the main process for the selection of candidates in the company. Often during the interview, people make such mistakes for which they are not getting a job. During the interview, two things are usually kept in mind – first, complete knowledge about the field for which you have come to give interview and secondly your body language. Spoken words are only 7 percent of your communication. 38 percent of communication comes from the tone of your voice, in which voice you are slow, fast and effective. But 55 percent of communication is done only with your body language.

Body language is such a nonverbal communication that arises from your habits, temperament and state of mind. Clearing the interview often depends on Confidence and the Practice of Mind. Body language is an important factor for this.

There is an interrelation between a person’s emotion, thoughts and habits. All three are influenced by each other. Body language is also prepared in conjunction with these three. Changing this can increase the level of confidence in you. This time in this channel of employment we have brought for you, some information about body language. You should read carefully below mentioned things during interview:

  • Keep the legs straight, do not keep it cross, Cross legs give an immunize signal. It seems that you have some fear in your mind or you want to hide something.
  • Talk with eyes in eyes looking at others during interview, it seems that you are giving full importance to his point of view.
  • Keep your shoulders in a relaxed posture. The person who is tilted slightly forward is considered as a clear mind-brain. But people leaning forward are known to be flatter.
  • Fill your agreement during the discussion. It is better to move the neck while not repeating the things during the talk. Repetition of the talk does not even come in courtesy.
  • Do not tilt the body on one side. Sit straight, but sit in a relaxed way. If you are tilted forward, then it shows that you are interested in frontal points. On the other hand, people who are more inclined towards backwards feel overconfident.
  • No one fondly admits the very seriousness of the face. Keep a little smile. Laugh when you need it too. To be happy, stick the smiles on the lips only, then see how all your troubles are fascinated.
  • Do not touch your face. It diverts the front. Also tells you that you are nervous.
  • Give answer frequently without hesitation, and do not think what will be, do your best at that time. Definitely your confidence will make you able to get the job.

Always be prepare yourself & keep in mind, the things mentioned above give you more confidence during the interview. Even for getting more tips about career strength and educational news, you should visit employment news this week portal to aware about the things which may help you to get the job easily.

About the Author:

This article is written by Gray Clues. She is a career adviser and professional writer by profession and has expert knowledge in the field of career and all other private and government sector. She has been presently writing for latest government jobs.



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