Portable Mini Size HD Car DVR Camera with G-sensor

Why need a car DVR camera? Dashboard cameras, also known as dash cams, dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs or even accident recorders, are onboard cameras that continuously record the view through a vehicle’s windscreen. Dash cams allow drivers to protect their vehicle, relive their drive and share interesting footage by continuously recording video of the road ahead. After years of researching and developing, Aoni’s car DVR cameras have gained customers’ preference from all over the world.


The car DVR camera features as the elite dashboard cameras on the market, with 1080p video resolution, a built in HD LCD screen, loop recording, a G-sensor, and a wide angle lens. The embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected. However, what makes the D104 really stand out from the pack is that all those features are packed into a camera that is designed for concealment. It can be set up to record inside the car or truck by mounting it on the front windshield to record in-car activity.

The D104 car camera offers you a number of resolution options, letting you record in high definition 1080p at 25fps or 720p at 30fps. And the seamless loop recording won’t leak seconds, on the contrary, it is more reliable and secure when the memory card is full because it will overwrite the oldest videos and continue record the new videos but not cover the protected files.

Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. is an OEM/ODM factory specializing in developing and manufacturing Bluetooth headphone & earphones, car DVR, IP camera, etc. It has an area of more than 16,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 employees. We responsibly design, manufacture and provide services on R&D, production, sales, tech-support and customer function and design OEM/ODM.

Aoni is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Aoni designs, develops, and manufactures standard and high-definition car DVRs and IP cameras.




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