Planning For Your Wedding? Get To Know the Secret Meanings of Flowers


Did you know? The English were the first to introduce flower girls, who showered petals along the bride’s path in a wedding procession! Flowers appear basic to all weddings, regardless of the tradition, culture or religion. Planning for a wedding is a real excitement, but at the same time, it is herculean task for every bride, especially when it comes to flower selection.

Let’s see the symbolic meaning of flowers to make your flower selection easy with the Bismarck florists.

Importance of Flowers in Weddings

Flowers are the most precious gift of nature. They have the ability to relax you with pleasant scents after a hectic, long day. Flower decorations that are used for a wedding celebration are completely different from those used for other occasions. Generally, the flowers help you to exhibit your unique style and sentiments in an elegant way. There are not a lot of Bismarck flower shops that provide you with the flowers that elevate your wedding theme.

Floral Classics and Meanings

The flower delivery Bismarck flower shop helps you to execute your favorite theme flawlessly. These classic flowers hold strong traditions and profound meanings that are still in use. Let’s see in detail the various meanings of flowers.

– White Rose

White roses represent true love, purity and strength. They have romantic scents. Apart from white roses, roses come in a wide variety of colors that signify various meanings like lust, jealousy, wisdom, innocence and many more.

– Stephanotis

Stephanotis is highly regarded for its signature scent and symbolizes marital happiness.

– Lilies

Lilies represent purity, innocence, chastity, virtue and the bride’s healthy fertility. It is mostly revered among the Christians as it is associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

– Calla Lily

Calla lily comes in colors like mauve, purple, yellow, pink and orange. Based on the color, the meanings are joy, grace, refinement, royalty and many more.

– Tulip

Tulips also come in a variety of colors and reflect meanings like abundance, charity, passion and enduring love.

– Orchid

Orchids symbolize luxury and refinement and give an extravagant elegance to a wedding.

– Protea

Protea represents boldness, courage, transforming and multifaceted.

– Succulents

A succulent, being a survival plant in the desert, signifies enduring and everlasting love.

Since a wedding is a couple’s public presentation to family and friends, it is important to select meaningful flowers that leave an enduring impression on the minds of your guests.

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