Planning For Hajj, Which Is Much More Than Just Pilgrimage

Hajj cannot be just categorised as a Muslim pilgrimage, it is much more than that. It is a fundamental religious duty for each and every Muslim. This essentially is the reason why millions of Muslims, every year flock to visit the holy places of Islam. Islamic Hajj pilgrimage is done to places in Saudi Arabia. These places, namely Mecca and Medina see every year hordes of pilgrims visiting from all across the globe.

Majorly, the pilgrims from outside or even in Saudi Arabia rely on the help of tours and travel companies for organising the visit. Some of these travel companies are dedicated to conducting Islamic tours exclusively and provide a wide range of travel plans for all Muslims. Thus, irrespective of the financial capability or size of the group, there are a variety of travel plans, to suit the needs of every Muslim.

What is a Hajj travel plan?

A Hajj travel plan is a detailed tour itinerary, which would be inclusive of everything you would be doing and needing for a spiritual and gratifying visit to Mecca and Medina. The Islamic tour operators also have their trained and specialised service representatives, who are responsible for taking care of every day individual needs of the travellers, like transportation and accommodation. These representatives from the tour companies are provided to the travellers for sorting of all travel related issues, like documentation and paper work filing, etc. The aim of the travel company is to provide every Muslim with a spiritual experience, with minimum logistical troubles and a smarter experience. Also, at the same time, as a traveller, it is recommended to opt for an established and trusted Islamic tour company. There are some spurious travel agents who hide information and Muslims end up buying expensive but plan with corners cut to fit small budget.

Choosing a Hajj travel plan

If you are travelling for the first time to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage, especially from non Islamic country, you might have a lot of doubts and queries. You would want to choose a reliable tour and travel operator. Let us look at some essential points while choosing a Hajj travel plan:

While opting for a certain travel company, check on credentials and reliability factor. If you are in contact with an operator, find out the details of the travel company, they are associated with. Also check on the details that they have put on their website. You have to check on company listing and documentation to ensure that you are not fooled into buying a faulty plan.

Check on the Hajj package being sold to you. Go in the details of all the services and facilities provided.

A genuine Hajj package should be an all inclusive package which should have no hidden costs, or additional taxes, or extra charges. As a customer, you should have to pay an in all inclusive fee for the tour and only once – you should not be made to pay again and again with use of some or the other pretext.

The essential idea behind purchasing a plan is to save on money as well as time. The Hajj travel plan chosen by you should fulfil both these criteria with other necessary requirements, so that you are happy with your choice of Islamic tour plan.

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