Plane Engineers & Helicopter Mechanics

Plane Engineers & Helicopter Mechanics

An plane maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft works correctly and safely. A plane engineer conduct inspections, troubleshoot issues, may make repairs and make upgrades to aircrafts. Daily duties may include keeping records of and performing scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs, or preparing for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reviews.

An aircraft maintenance engineer works with diagnostic equipment and power tools, computers, specialized aviation and x-ray machines. Ladders may climb or stand on scaffolds, manage other maintenance staff or spend long hours on emergency repairs while working. When performing any occupation obligation maintenance engineers must carefully observe all FAA rules and regulations.

Certificate & Instruction

The FAA also requires that any work must be done by or under the direct supervisor of a certified machinist. FAA certification is available for power plant mechanics and airframe mechanics. FAA-approved degrees comprise the Associate of Occupational Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology, and Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance.

Most associate degree programs take about two years to finish and cover topics that prepare students to pass the required FAA tests. Another training alternative for active duty and reserve soldiers would be to pursue training through a program offered by the United States Army as an aircraft maintenance engineer or machinist that is avionic.


Become a plane engineer
The Aircraft Engineer is also known sometimes as an Aircraft Tech. While engineer is the term that is commonly used, technician means exactly the same thing within the aviation industry.
Civil Aviation is a respected and highly regulated business commanded by national aviation authorities. To preserve the enviable safety standards which have been established, individuals working within the industry must be licensed. To put it differently, just as Pilots licensed to fly aircraft and then are trained, Engineers licensed and are trained to maintain aircraft and then release those aircraft into service.

AMTH: Aviation Maintenance Technician for Helicopters
The Aviation Maintenance Technician Helicopter (AMTH) Software takes you through the fundamentals of aircraft mechanics and dives into the latest technology improvements for the world of rotary aircrafts. Get the hands-on techniques and knowledge in areas like rotary wing aerodynamic principles, chopper flight control systems, chopper engines, rotor systems, preventative maintenance and much more!

So, in a nutshell, a pupil wishing to create a career in the Aviation Industry must undertake professional training resulting in certification and the appropriate qualifications.



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