Piercing Shops Near Me- Where to Get Pierced

So how do I find the best piercing shops near me?

Well, you are living in Miami. Definitely, it is not going to be an easy task because there is a piercing shop at every nook and corner of Miami streets. But do not worry; we have listed down the key tips that will help you find the best piercing shops in Miami.

Ask for recommendations

Start with asking friends, family or relatives for references. It is the best way to find a good piercer. Ask your friends if they know any reliable piercer in the area, and make a shortlist of places which are recommended. If you know someone who had body piercing, talk to her about experience with the piercer. Is she satisfied with piercer’s work or if she knows any other good piercer in your area? There are probable chances that you will find a few good recommendations because people in Miami love piercing.

Look online

It is also another great option to find the names of the best piercers in your area. Search online for the phrase- best piercing shops near me. You will get the list of top piercers in your area. Visit the website of the top piercer in your area, and have a thorough look at their work. Find the information about a piercer such as an office location, name, address, and services. Make a shortlist and start narrowing down the list.

Check license and find an experienced piercer

Find a licensed and experienced piercer. Ask your piercer to show the copy of certificates and licenses. A valid license and proper certification ensures that piercer you are choosing is trained, skilled and certified to perform the piercing, and has met the minimum requirements and passed the inspection test to operate a piercing shop. An inexperienced but licensed piercer is acceptable for basic ear piercing jobs. But when it comes to the piercing of sensitive areas such as vaginal piercing or oral piercing, look for a piercer who has at least three to five years of experience.

Read reviews

Check the online reviews and testimonials of past clients. Have a look at the social media account of the piercer and find out what clients have to say about the piercer. A well reputable piercer will have consistent positive reviews and clients’ recommendations. If you find reports of infections, misbehavior or poor quality of work, look for some other piercer.

Visit the shop

Do not make the final decision without doing the footwork. Visit the piercing shop. Meet your piercer and tell about your plans of piercing. Ask questions about hygiene and safety practices followed in the studio. Check how your piercer deals with you and answers you. A good piercer respects the client’s questions and answers it properly.

So these are the few key suggestions that will help you in your find of “best piercing shops near me.”


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