Painting of Angels: Alternative and Spiritual Healing

In contemporary times, alternative and spiritual healings are becoming popular. They are being documented and studied. In fact there are evidences to suggest that they are very effective in healing the spirit, mind ,and body. Angel painting images fall within this category raising the spirit. I do not pretend that the paintings of angels create physical cures.  The paintings relieve emotions and create a more peaceful atmosphere that helps current society deal with the stressful world in which we find ourselves on a day to day basis.

The angels posters and prints are unique. They are a form of the healing art. Angelic art elevates, motivates, comforts, calm and inspire. Each painting has its own inspiring energy and you do not have to be a “believer” for this to work. These paintings are very effective in relieving stress. They work at the emotional level, clean, and release all negative emotions. It inspires an individual to get in touch with the divinity within which facilitates the healing process.

The soul has remarkable capacity to remember place of perfection and beauty. Divine energy and holistic art form has a close association, which can be harnessed to heal the body and the mind.  Every day, more and more documented evidence arrives from the medical fields, which shows that holistic art like angel painting images and music is a proven instrument of healing that can be utilized by all. Whether in participation, looking or listening art heals. This has always been known in alternative and holistic medications, but now it is being used more and more in traditional medicines bringing about healing and plethora of positive results benefiting everyone. Hence, medical practitioner are realizing that healing occurs at the energy level first which then manifests into the physical realm. I hope it becomes a day-to-day occurrence just as a standard recipe is used.

I just hope that people respond with their hearts in today’s times since there is a lot of love and compassion and healing just wait for everything. Lower the barriers and simply accept the love that is given so freely and the help, healing, and assistance that is right there to ask.



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