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This looks to become a massive week for all lovers of D&D and Neverwinter! First of all Ravenloft hits tomorrow on consoles and finally all you guys on PS4 and the Xbox can enter the mist and face evil?Strahd in his castle! In case you want to get the latest and most in-depth information on the module, make sure to check back tomorrow. We’ll have a massive post with everything you need to know!Obtain safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds for Module 15 Ravenloft.

Ravenloft Tomorrow, Waterdeep on Friday?

While that’s already cool, it’s looking like the PC crowd will already get the announcement of the next module. Cryptic and PWE will have an official booth at PAX West, where you’ll be able to play “unreleased content”. Us and others have long found clues about Waterdeep being the next stop for Neverwintans and it’s looking more likely with every passing day. Of course the latest hint comes directly from the developers themselves. We hope you’ve been following the spoiler that Waterdeep has sent to the Protector’s Enclave, because the story continues to unfold!

As Julia tweeted out, the mysterious caravan and its owners now apparently found the place they were looking for and have started renovating the building between the market and auction house. As always make sure to check out this thread on the official message board where the community actively discusses the latest development.

Bards Coming to Neverwinter?

If that wasn’t already enough, a new NPC popped up in the Proctector’s Garden inside PE. You can interact with her and she claims that “fellow bards are coming to Neverwinter”. Now before you freak out, just know that everything we’ve heard from the devs so far is that we won’t see a new class in the foreseeable future. We’ve already had guys spread false information about druids that had to be rectified by Julia on a stream since people where asking about it. So at this point we don’t expect a new class in Module 15. But “Maeve Brightsong” is definitely a bard, and she didn’t make the game accidentally. So there’s that.


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