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RS Ancient Relic now can be obtained from the 2nd Chance Tuesday promotion. Read the information below to learn how to get more Ancient Relics for rewards within.

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Get RS Ancient Relic from 2nd Chance Tuesday

RS 2nd Chance Tuesday promotion is an old Treasure Hunter promotion which reappears on Tuesday for 24 hours. On March 10th 2020, the 2nd Chance Tuesday promotion returns with Ancient Relics available.
After obtaining RS Ancient Relic, you can smash it onto the ground to obtain rewards within. Rewards will include a medium cash bag and a random reward, such as gems, prismatic lamps, and former Treasure Hunter and Squeal of Fortune items.

How can you get more RS Ancient Relic?

Ancient relics can be obtained during RS Smashing Relics promotion on Treasure Hunter. In addition to the Smashing Relics Treasure Hunter, members can also get up to two ancient relics per day by finding them partially buried in the ground in some places. The Ancient Relics do not appear on the minimap, and there are no requirements to obtain them. Once you have got two Ancient Relics, you cannnot see any further relics until reset.
Notice: Ironmen cannot pick up these buried relics. There will be a message “You’re unable to interact with this relic on an ironman account.”

Hope now you know more about how to get RS Ancient Relics.

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