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If you’re having trouble beating the first boss Orcus in the Tomb of the Nine Gods, So why not to buy neveriwnter astral diamonds with 7% off on safewow to solve Stuck on Gamingwe have good news for you! Because the boss apparently takes Halloween a bit too seriously, hunts ghosts of dead players, and can get stuck in the process.

But?first?things?first. This is not some sort of weird joke, but an actual exploit that trivializes the Orcus fight. Apparently the boss can aggro players outside the arena under certain circumstances and tries to launch an attack on them. Since they are out of reach, Orcus gets stuck and doesn’t spawn green balls or adds any longer. At that point the group only has to DPS him down.

Holes in the Wall

Reproducing the bug is pretty easy. Upon entering as group one member intentionally dies and immediately resurrects. Around the arena there are a couple spots aka “holes” that allow to draw aggro from Orcus. The ones that are more easy to find are located at the curse tomes. Players that hug the wall there can be targeted by the boss. So all you have to do is stand there and wait. Since some attacks from Orcus target a random player, and the one outside the arena is eligible, it will eventually happen.

The devs already tried to fix this in an earlier patch, but failed to do so. The severity is small however. If you can’t beat Orcus legit, your chances of beating the dungeon are slim anyway. But nonetheless groups that shouldn’t be able to are getting closer to an Ultimate Enchanting Stone. The video below shows Orcus in its stuck state.


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