Oasis game KOI PS4 has already released

In case you aren’t keeping tabs on some of this year’s game release schedule, Sony has released a PS4 Spring 2016 sizzle reel reminding everyone at just how many games you really ought to play.What games have you picked up so far for the PS4? Are you getting any of the big titles coming out later this month?


As expected, heavy hitters such as PS4 Indie Games, Dark Souls 3, Ratchet & Clank are in the trailer, and it doesn’t end there. Also coming out are Doom, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Overwatch. Mind you, this doesn’t even count the topnotch indie games that come out on PSN every month.

If you have a friend that’s complaining that there’s nothing to play on PS4, show them this video just to shut them up. And don’t forget, this is just for spring! Once E3 rolls around and we know more about this year’s Q4 game release schedule, it’s going to be something special I reckon.

The next PlayStation 2 game playable on PlayStation 4 is now available. As announced on the PlayStation Blog, this indie game is popular, a 1 player fighting game. ​Koi​ game should be in your download queue already, if you’re looking something that doesn’t involve guns and is more akin to ​Journey​ or ​Flower​. Like the fish it’s named after, this is a serene game that oozes tranquility. Your goal is to collect little coloured koi and guide them to a similarly coloured lily flower, all the while avoiding perils like a big black fish with horrible red eyes. It’s simple enough to master and the environmental issue of pollution that the developer is trying to highlight comes through well, but mostly this is a game that you’ll while away the hours with after a particularly stressful day.



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