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Revealed at RuneFest 2019, OSRS develop team is planning a Clan System. If you have interests, read the information below to learn some features of this OSRS Clan System.

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OSRS Clan System confirmed at RuneFest 2019

It has been confimed at RuneFest 2019 that there will be a new Clan System in the future. A substantial amount of technical work needs to be completed before development of the game content can begin. With this in mind, the develop team hasn’t offered a specific Clan System release date beyond aiming for 2020.

Some features of new OSRS Clan System

-New clan ranks and permissions. You’ll be able to customise access to the chat channels, and organise your clan structure according to your liking.
-More chat channels. You’ll be able to remain in your clan’s chat channel whilst guesting in another clan, and staying in contact with your friends in your friend’s chat channel.
-Up to 500 clan members. There’s strength in numbers. The clan system will offer more channel members than the existing friend chat.
-Clan-wide K/D counters. Identify the strongest among you.
-Customisable recruitment boards. Advertise and grow your clan with greater ease than ever before.
-Clan noticeboards. Share key information with your clan members in one central location.
-Clan broadcast messages. Communicate with your clan in-game, and rally the troops with a moment’s notice.
-Link your clan Discord server. No more bypassing the chat filter to share your clan’s server information.

What do you think about the new OSRS Clan System?

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