Mumbai – City Where Dreams Come True

Your parents have great dreams about you as a child. So whether you are born in a city or the countryside, you dream of a bright future. Cities offer the glitters and amenities that make life comfortable.

It’s no wonder that you get attracted to a metropolitan area like a magnet. In India, Mumbai is probably the busiest and economically advanced metropolis, so you are not the only one considering it as a catapult to attain your aspirations.

Major attractions

Mumbai has massive sceneries to please every kind of visitor. The attractions vary significantly – with the exotic and rudimentary blending together with everything in between offering you a glimpse into this magical bustling city.

Landing at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport gives you the initial feel of what to expect in Mumbai. It’s voted as one of the top ten airports in Asia using some parameters.

Another prominent feature in Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station. Its medieval and Gothic design has withstood the test of time. It’s over 150 years but still elicits a modern architectural masterpiece.

Other attractions include Haji Ali Dargah, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and Harbor monument commonly referred to as the Gateways to India. If you are the religious type, you have numerous religious and cultural monuments to marvel. The Haji Ali Mosque, Mount Mary Church, Shree Sidddivinayak Mandhir and Global Vipassana Pagoda, all within a few hours on each other offer the best inspirations from religious perspectives.

But nothing is more synonymous with Mumbai than the film industry. Taking a Bollywood tour Mumbai offers you the best chance to appreciate the world’s largest movie production city.

Film industry

Indian movies are famously made in Bollywood. The name Bollywood is a name blend of Bombay (previous name of Mumbai) and Hollywood. It’s intended to combine the location of the production – Bombay – with the quality of the films Wood, hence Bollywood.

Starting from a simple local Hindi picture, Bollywood has grown to become the largest movie production center. It churns out over a thousand movies in a year – about three every day.

Mumbai Film city tour takes you around the city to sample the various films center as well as the history of movie-making in Mumbai. Here, you also get to learn about the actors, actresses, and producers. Making this journey allows you to follow personal success stories of the most successful actors in the Bollywood film industries.

From a humble beginning, most of these players have become rich starring in Hindi films watched by almost half the world population. Their main attributes are their constant desire to attain their wildest dreams.

With the tinge of creativity, Bollywood films stakeholders typically make mostly melodramatic films. They combine music and dances to spice up their pictures. And these are the beacons of successful movie production.

But not only that. Movie production demands dedication, determination, and inspiration. Numerous Bollywood film schools transform new players’ and musicians’ dreams into reality. You too can succeed here. You simply need to identify your vision and attraction, then look at the big picture.



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