Motherboard Market – Current and Future Plans 2017-2027

Motherboards nowadays are a mature and saturated market, and are in an edge of severe experiential deviations, in terms of structures, products, and the supply chain. In terms of unit shipments, globally motherboard market is experiencing a decline, since last few years. Due to this, vendors are in intense necessity of coming up with new innovations continuously, to survive in such a competitive landscape. Also, due to commoditization of motherboards, manufacturing power has been concentrated within the control of very few vendors.

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Since last few years, the market for assembled PCs has shrunken, and consumers are preferring laptops and notebooks over traditional desktops. So, vendors have also started focusing on non-traditional desktops including AIOs, KIOSKs, SIGNAGEs and others. With continuous innovations in the motherboards, vendors can expect considerable benefits in the market. Gaming motherboards, is one such category which is expected to be an emerging market in the coming years, and vendors catering to this market are expected to make profits.

Motherboard Market: Drivers & Challenges

In terms of growth, motherboards market is declining in most of the cases, when utilized with traditional electronic systems. But due to few emerging and growing segments, the market for motherboards is experiencing flat growth in some areas. Progression in the gaming industry is one such segment, and is providing new avenues of growth for advanced and gaming motherboards. Also, increase in applicability of non-traditional desktops such as AIOs, KIOSKs, SIGNAGEs and others, is pushing the motherboards market slightly towards better profit margins.

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With increasing disposable incomes of customers, and narrowing down of prices of Laptops and Notebooks, customers have become more inclined towards purchasing notebooks and laptops, instead of desktops. Due to this motherboards market is expected to face difficulty in maintaining its market share. Also, fierce competition amongst vendors, low product margins, need for continuous innovation in the product is expected to maket.

North America is expected to lead the Motherboards market in terms of market share followed by Western Europe and Asia Pacific. The growth of Motherboards market in North America is expected to be fuelled by the significantly high adoption of advanced technology. Whereas the demand of Motherboards in Asia Pacific will be primarily driven by the growth in emerging countries including India and China.

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