Molecular Scissors/ Genome Editing Market Trends, Data Sources and Methodology by 2025

Industry Insights
The Global Molecular Scissors/Genome Editing Market size was worth USD 2,585.5 million in 2016 which is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 13.5% during the forecast period. Application of technology in the therapeutic genetic editing process of infected tissue and cells eliminates damage causing mutations, which is expected to enlarge the market size. The existence of robust pipeline products is anticipated to influence progress in genomics sector over the projected period.

Innovative products support the DNA targeting advances with simplicity of AAV packaging for distribution, specificity of the nuclease, and improved flexibility. Furthermore, genome editing is an upcoming stream and biotech & pharmaceutical companies are collaborating for the enhancement of technology. Several companies are also involved in product manufacturing either on their own or by the asset of strategic partners. However, factors such as IP disputes in context with CRISPR technology and off-target toxicity issues are anticipated to restrain sector growth.

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Technology Insights
Several technologies such as TALENs/MegaTALs, ZFN, and CRISPR are the latest technologies which are applicable in the genome editing field. Other methods such as Jump-In, Flp-In, PiggyBac, and antisense are applicable for genome engineering. The largest portion was accounted by CRISPR and is anticipated to rule the industry over the forecast period. Upcoming advancements in this segment is expected to support in the projected growth in the coming years.

Delivery Method Insights
The largest share was accounted by the ex-vivo procedure as DNA modification can be controlled easily by this method of delivery. Additionally, the duration and strength of nuclease expression can be controlled to abate off-targeting excision and maximize efficacy. CAR-t tool which is applicable in the treatment of blood cancer as ex-vivo product is highlighted in the pipeline of therapeutic molecular scissors. Moreover, several diseases need an in-vivo method of treatment since some particular cells cannot be eliminated from the body.

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Application Insights
The largest market share was accounted by gene therapy and stem cell therapy and is expected to maintain its dominance in the coming years. Application of innovative technology for the development of novel molecules that can eradicate infectious diseases and hematological malignancies are anticipated to promote the approval of this technology over the forecast period.

End-use Insights
The largest share was attributed by biotechnology organizations as an enormous amount of research is undergoing for development of innovative therapeutics by virtue of molecular scissors. The fastest growth is accounted by government and academic research institutes in the coming years as the adoption rate is increasing for genome engineering technology. Moreover, improvement in genome engineering techniques is expected to quicken its application in research schemes by the government.

Service Insights
Key market players offer partial services and user-friendly sets to the stem cell scientists which assist them to perform the engineering process without compromising the required pluripotency conditions. Companies, such as Sigma-Aldrich Corporation and Thermo Fisher offer customized products for cutting the cell lines at specific points, thereby boosting the growth contract based genome editing field.

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Regional Insights
The market was dominated by North America owing to rising adoption of innovative and improved technologies in the U.S. Moreover, higher occurrence rate of monogenic disorders is also accountable for the estimated share. For instance, cystic fibrosis befalls at an occurrence of 1 in 2,500 deliveries in the U.S thereby resulting in lung and other organ damage. Furthermore, recently 1,22,000 individuals necessitate organ transplant which is gradually growing and anticipated to boost growth in the coming years. Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness substantial progress over the forecast period due to rising research in personalized medicine in this sector.

Competitive Insights
Key market entities include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Editas Medicine, Sangamo, Intellia Therapeutics Inc., CRISPR THERAPEUTICS and Caribou Biosciences Inc. Some companies are taking benefit of authorizations from universities for the DNA editing tools application. These participants are involved in various approaches such as cross-linking agreements, acquisitions, and in-house research which permit the novel intellectual property licensing of innovative proteins.



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