Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Tradelines

A lot of people suffer the wrath of having poor credit scores, which adversely impacts their lifestyle. A fast and hassle-free way to boost these scores is by putting the positive credit history of another person to good use. This typically occurs when a family member of a friend with a good credit score allows you to make use of their tradelines. However, if you do not have such options, there is always the choice to buy tradelines from a third party. In doing so, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not gaining an idea of what tradelines are or how they work

This is often the biggest and most common mistake that people who buy tradelines commit. In a desperate effort to look good in the books of lenders, people put money into third party tradelines without understanding what it requires and how it works.

Having unrealistic expectations

Tradelines help improve your credit score, and typically fast at that. It is especially helpful if you have a bad credit history owing to unwise spending decisions in the past but are capable of repaying debts on time in the current scenario. However, when you buy tradelines from a third party, it does not help if there is fraudulent activity on your account, or if the account has been frozen.

Being unaware of the impact of age on tradelines

Most people who opt into buying tradelines have very little idea of the means by which it impacts credit score. Here is roughly how it works, depending on the age of your account and the age of the tradeline. For instance, if your account is nearly a decade old and the tradeline has a similar age, the impact the latter creates on your credit score will be very negligible. However, if your account is newer, say about a year or two old, and the tradeline is seasoned, the latter would work wonders on your credit score.

Overlooking the need for credit score maintenance

Credit scores have a great impact on your lifestyle and many buyers believe that investing in third party tradelines solves the problem on bad credit scores once and for all. The truth is far from that. While taking a share in another person’s positive credit history via tradelines helps improve your score, there is a need to maintain this betterment in a habitual manner, lest it dip back to its former state in no time.

Opting for the cheap way out

In a world of quick fixes, it is not uncommon to see people buy multiple cheap tradelines than a few seasoned ones. The trouble with this approach is that for such tradelines to have an exponential impact on your credit score, you will need to invest roughly the same or more money in many cheap ones. As a result, it works against your aim of improving the score drastically.

Above all, when you buy tradelines, it is important that you pick a reliable and professional company that offers quality tradelines for sale without exposing your identity or putting other personal details at risk.


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