Meishen Technology Actively Explore Market

Affected by macroscopic economic situation, the domestic magnesium oxide market maintain the poor state sequentially in the first half of the year. Because the sales volume of magnesium oxide did not get the a sustained recovery, sales volume fell only a little. With the arrival of magnesia busy season and inventory replenishment, there will appear the phenomenon “simultaneously rising of volume and price”, and promote Meishen Technology’s profitability.

In 2015, in order to putt further pressure on the environmental issue in magnesium oxide industry, country has enacted the most strict new law of environmental protection. Therefore, a large number of middle and small-sized enterprises closed or suspended production. There is increasingly strict environmental requirements on a national scale since the beginning of this year. With the advent of G20, the environmental requirements more strictly. A number of enterprises stop production one after another. While deepening strict of national environmental requirements and rising product costs, the national also promotes the industry competition pattern become relatively stable, and reduce the malignant competition.

With the supply of magnesium oxide contract further, the arrival of traditional industries’ peak period. It results in an increased demand for magnesium oxide. There is leading enterprise with high market concentration. That is Meishen Technology. It has a great ability to bargain. Magnesium oxide opens the rising trend since March. It rose the price persistently and created a record high.

Meishen Technology actively explores the market and works hard on the field of high-end magnesium oxide, especially the high-end magnesium oxide and nanometer magnesium oxide. It has already researched and developed multiple series high purity products through adding research and production. In addition, their nanometer magnesium oxide also up to the international standard. The increasing exports also bring consistent approbation of customers from home and abroad.

Meishen Technology is the largest magnesium oxide manufacturer in China. Over the years, this company built a long-term cooperative relations with many well-know companies at home and abroad depends on the innovative business ideas and the pioneering spirit. It can length the production chain, extend supply and entry into the ranks of the magnesium oxide suppliers’ famous brands in the world. What’s more, this company actively comes into an strategic cooperation agreement with Hebei University of Science and Technology and comes into being a full digital research and production system of magnesium oxide. This made Meishen Technology become the largest magnesium oxide research and production base in China, the products are exported to foreign markets.



Hu Allen

Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and zinc oxide for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. Meishen is established in September, 2003, and now it is developed a group company owns 3 professional plants produce magnesium commodities and specialties for diversified industries and several famous brands like MeiShen, XingMei and MeiTai. Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the leader of both manufacture and market of Magnesium chemical industry in China, and well recognized by the customers all around the world.

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