Maths lectures 7th class

ExtramindsExtraminds DVD’s Include Classroom Lectures, Best Faculty, Powerful Images And Animation. Video Lectures Conducted In Real-Time Classroom Format Offers Excellent Virtual Study Environment. Lessons In The Audio-Visual Format Include Step-Wise Explanations With Solved Solutions. Extraminds Educational DVD’s Are Highly Beneficial For Revision Of Important Topics, Time And Again.

Extraminds Offer Top Of The Notch Classroom Lecture DVD’s From Class VIIth  To XIIth.  Classroom Lectures Are Selected On The Basis Of CBSE Curriculum. The Class Syllabus Covered Is Vividly Described. The Lectures Are Delivered By Best Faculty Currently Teaching In Premium Schools Of India. Demo Lectures Are Available. You Can Shop Classroom Lectures On The Basis Of Topics, Subjects And Classes. Combo Offer Are Also Available.

Sample Papers Are Included in the Classroom Lectures. Lectures are With Labeled Graphics To allow More Efficient Understanding. Extraminds Goes along with the Idea, That Graphic & Video Memory Is usually Retained More By Individuals. Repeated Video Viewing Of Classroom Lectures Enable week Student To Memorize The Subject In A Even more Efficient Manner. Our Slogan is always Provide Knowledge Than Just The training.


Extraminds Introduces Talking Pen Which Is A New Concept In India Specially For KG Students. Talking Pen Is An Electronic Gadget When Placed On Any Part Of The Talking Book Will Speak What Is Written In The Book. This Is Unique  Instrument To Master Language Phonetics Perfectly Without Any External Help. Talking Books Are A Set Of Three Books Which Adhere To International Norms Of Making Kids Proficient In English, Basic Maths, Social Studies, Games And Many More.



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