Management Implications and Design Thinking Process

Design thinking process is the best approach to solve any business problem. The elements of design thinking process are multidisciplinary collaboration, idea generation, execution, prototyping, and constant refinement. Perhaps you will hardly find any institute offering training on design thinking process.

The process of design thinking is a user centric approach, inductive, project based workflow, deductive and abductive that needs collaboration of the group. The main idea behind creating a design thinking process is to generate ideas keeping the customer in mind. It requires a good analytics and anthropological insight on how to perceive, use the product or service and interact in order to optimize the actions and reaction.

All the big companies like Philips electronics, proctor and gamble focuses more on adapting design process to solve any issue.

There are some business schools that are opting shifts in thinking and developing curriculum, strategic partnership and hybrid models along with design school. Today the business schools are teaching quite narrow form of collaboration. The technique involves finding someone with similar view and approach and whose thinking style is not much different than you’re in order to put new insights and approach.

The business school does not focus on teaching visualization of something that doesn’t exist now, understanding the users, and improving continuously. The process of designing thinking process in all the business school teaching this method is same. The improper understanding of the brainstorming process, social barriers, semantic gaps and conceptual blocks exists in abundance in several institutions.

It is recommended to the educators to adopt more interactive approach instead of just “I am right, listen to me” thing. The gap between the educator and student must be reduced and it must offer exert advice and teach main deliverables.

It is not only the company’s responsibility to adopt the thinking process but also of the business themselves. The success of the design thinking process is very big in a lot of companies. It has been seen that the companies who have focused well on design thinking process are the one with most success.

It is recommended for the business owners to hire consultants offering training on design thinking process to train their employees in order to achieve good growth of the company. This process plays important role in the growth of any small or big organization. It is good to step outside of an established way to approach a problem and solve it.



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