Make Your Vintage Leather Bag Mould-Free With These Tips


Did you know? Leather products date back to 3000 BC where the Romans used leather sails on their boats. Generally, possession of any leather products is considered as a luxurious and the most prestigious asset. Women desperately long for leather products than men. These days, more trendy and stylish leather bags for men are also available. Leather products like leather laptop bags or leather briefcase make men look more professional and handsome.

Buying a leather product doesn’t matter a lot but maintaining it without any issue needs extra work. Generally, most people leave their leather bags in a damp and dark corner when not in use, ignoring the consequences. The result is mould formation, which is one of the leather’s number one enemies, but it’s not difficult to fix. This article gives you various tips for removing the mould from your favourite leather bag.

Why Does Mould Grow On Leather Bags?

Leather products are more susceptible to mould growth, which stains, and weakens it. The mould is a fungus, which is present in the air and grows in the host if they have a source of food and suitable environmental conditions. In leather products, a high relative humidity (RH) between 65% and 100% encourages mould’s growth. Also, warm temperature and poor air flow speed up the mould growth. The mould growth on leather is characterised by fluffy strands on the surface of the leather object.

How to Remove Moulds from the Leather Bags?

Generally, moulds are visible only when it has multiplied. In such cases, just wiping the surface clean will not solve the problem as it will regrow. In such conditions the leather bags needed to be thoroughly cleaned with an anti-mould fungicide solution to prevent the reoccurrence. The following are the ways to address the mould issues in your leather bag,

– Wipe The Spores 

Make use of a soft-bristled brush to brush away the spores. If the mould leather items were stored in fabric storage containers, then they should be washed in hot water and dried at high temperature to kill the spores.

– Mix A Mild Detergent With Warm Water 

Blend the detergent with the warm water and clean the leather surface with a sponge or a cotton cloth. Use a separate cloth dipped in plain water to wipe away any soapy residue.

– Apply Anti-Mould Fungicide Solution And Leather Conditioners

Rub the leather with anti-mould fungicide solution and allow it to dry. Finally, apply the leather conditioner to get a fresher appearance.

Thus mould-off your leather bag and restore its pristine look.

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