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It wouldn’t be a new PvM challenge if there wasn’t a fitting reward. Alongside the leaderboard mentioned above, you’ll also be rewarded with 7% off rs 07 gold the standard loot you’d normally receive for completing the Chambers of Xeric. Whilst the type of loot you will get is no different from a standard raid, as Challenge Mode has more difficult bosses, you will earn more points from killing them.

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Finishing a “Challenge Mode” run within a set amount of time will also grant you a chance of obtaining a transmog for the Olmlet pet, which allows you to change it at will into miniature versions of Tekton, Vespula, Vanguard, Muttadile, or Vasa Nistirio. This unlock can be earned regardless of whether you have the Olmlet pet or not, though you’ll need the actual pet before you can utilise the unlocks of course!The current completion times required to have a chance at obtaining the Olmlet transmog for each team size are as follows:

Solo – 01:10:00
Team of 2 – 01:05:00
Team of 3 – 00:50:00
Team of 4 – 00:45:00
Team of 5 – 00:42:00
Team of 6 – 00:42:00
Team of 7 – 00:42:00
Team of 8 – 00:42:00
Team of 9 – 00:42:00
Team of 10 – 00:42:00
Team of 11-15 – 00:45:00
Team of 16-23 – 01:00:00
Team of 24+ – 01:20:00

As with any update involving large groups of players, our balancing is preliminary and may change based on the data that you as players generate.In addition to the above, completing 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Challenge Mode raids will grant you access to a range of new capes which can be claimed from Rimor, who is located just outside the entrance to the Chambers of Xeric.

Mods Ian and Surma have been busy creating all the music and sound effects featured throughout the Theatre of Blood. Ian has recently finished the boss combat music for The Maiden and Mod Surma has been beavering away at some epic battle music used in ‘A Taste of Hope’. The songs are coming thick and fast they’re well into the “flow” of writing tracks now.

The next task is to create the theme used for Sotetseg, and then it will be a choice between another boss room or Lady Verzik – whichever they feel more inspired to do first!There are many ways of approaching writing music and we have our own ways of working but achieve similar results. The most important thing when writing music is to get a good feel for the content and be absorbed in it, both in terms of atmosphere and creativity.
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