Major Tips for a Stress-less House Shifting

There are lots to do when you move the house so it is not at all surprising that most of us end up feeling completely overwhelmed by the entire experience. The key to a relatively stress-free move is to be as organized as possible and below are some of the great ways you can follow exactly the below.

Conduct research from relevant sources

Before you go ahead and appoint an estate agent, solicitor, removal company or self-storage facility, do your research beforehand in order to minimize the overall risk of any unwanted surprises. As well as reading the relevant online reviews, ensure the company you are using offers all the services you require and has availability for the dates you need.


Moving house is not a cheap proposition and you could find yourself really struggling if you do not plan ahead. Write a list of everything you will need to pay for, shop around for the quotes and then work out how much you need and how you are going to afford it.

Give yourself plenty of time

If you are leaving your packing to a few days before the move, you are going to end up much stressed for sure. Start packing all your non-essential items away as soon as you can and every day pack a little bit more to make it convenient. This way it does not seem like such a huge job closer to the time and it also leaves you with plenty of time to do any necessary cleaning.

Use self-storage facilities

If you require some temporary accommodation between the moves, you do not have enough space in your new place or you need to carry out the renovations before you can properly move in, consider using a self-storage unit. This particularly prevents you moving everything around the multiple times and also very well protects the items from getting damaged while any of the building or maintenance work is going on.

Take some time off

If you have a lot to do before the moving day, it is really well worth taking some time off work to manage the stuffs. This gives you a lot more time to do everything and you do not have to worry about doing a full day’s work in the office and then coming home to do the house stuff all night.

Pack a moving day survival kit

So you have moved everything across to your new place and you already have the keys in your hands. Chances are that you now need to put your feet up for a bit and have a cup of tea or a bite to eat in order to relax. A great tip is to effectively pack a moving day survival kit containing all the major essentials you may need. This particularly means you would not have to worry about rummaging through all your boxes in order to find the kettle and some of the mugs.

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