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Back when we did our first “Podcast of Annihilation” and were talking about the then upcoming Module 13,Looking through detail of Module 13 and enjoy get neverwinter astral diamond with 6% off. I said that the next update will surely contain something “unexpected”. The one big thing nobody knows yet. Back in November 2017 we pretty much knew that the module would contain some sort of endgame group content, a new campaign, that the story would stay in Chult, and that we probably would get new Hunts. My reasoning to expect a completely new feature mainly was that the already known stuff “can’t be it”.

Module 13 Actually Features No New System

It turned out however that it was. Module 13 actually features no new gameplay system, mechanic, class, race, or anything similar. That doesn’t mean creating a full new adventure zone, campaign, and especially group content with boss mechanics doesn’t require effort.

  • Module 1: Active Companions, Artificing Profession, Weaponsmithing Profession, Boon System
  • Module 2:?Artifacts, Refinement, Hunter Ranger Class, Collections System, Second Paragon Paths, Sword Coast Adventures
  • Module 3: Heroic Encounters, Black Ice Shaping Profession,?Open World PVP,?Hunter Ranger Pathfinder Paragon Path,?Overflow Experience,?Dungeon Delve Keys,?Overload Enchantments
  • Module 4:?Artifact Weapons, Armor Reinforcement Kits,?Scourge Warlock Class, Dragonborn Race
  • Module 5:?Artifact Neck/Waist/Off-Hands, Jewelcrafting Profession, Scourge Warlock Soulbinder Paragon Path
  • Module 6:?Level Cap Raise,?Oathbound Paladin Class,?Gear Score Rework,?Companion Only Equipment
  • Module 7:?Strongholds,?Siege PVP
  • Module 8:?Masterwork Professions
  • Module 9:?Mount System, Alliances
  • Module 10:?Queue System Updates, Voninblod Empowerment, Treasure Hunting
  • Module 11:?Great Hall, Temporary Stronghold Structures, Stronghold Marauders Event,?Loadouts
  • Module 12:?Hunts, Private PVP Queues, Quest Journal Improvements,?Inventory Management Upgrades

Lost City of Omu Has the Fashion Bag

And the Lost City of Omu? Well, it has the Fashion Bag, which is more of a quality-of-life update however. But I’ve included other big QoL changes in the list above as well. So it’s fair to count this one for Module 13. But after that? The main features of (Treasure) Hunts, Masterwork, and Vivification (Exaltation) are all old. There’s no new gameplay element to explore (or grind).

Now, what sounds like the start of a good old rant really isn’t. When I saw the feature list back in January on the preview server I was actually quite worried about the community’s reaction. The module is a copy & paste in terms of systems, and the campaign’s structure is even exactly the same as its Module 12 counterpart. Sure, you still have those endgamers rightfully complaining about the lack of content. But that’s more an ongoing issue rather than one of Lost City of Omu. I also saw some folks jokingly calling the update “Module 12c”, which certainly isn’t far off. Other than that though, looking through threads and talking to guys, folks seem to actually enjoy the additions for the most part. And that got me thinking: How in the world did the devs get away with this?

The Ability to Make Most out of Few Resources

When we talk about “resources” in the game, it mostly comes with a negative vibe. Stuff is taking way to long, even “it’s on our radar” means it’s months away. But Module 13 is indeed a good update to show that the devs at least usually make the most out of their resources. Without doing anything spectacular, they’ve presented features in the Lost City of Omu that probably get players excited enough to play the mod. The item level bar was raised just slightly, but folks will still upgrade to the new Vivified and Exalted levels. Hunts are nothing new, but the rewards have unique equip bonuses that makes going for them worth it. Rich Masterworkers in the meantime have new toys to play with and the endgame community a trial that will at least keep them busy for up to ten weeks.

Doomsayers Could Have a Point

That’s nothing super intriguing, but it keeps the game running. More than that, it’s not wrong to feed off past systems and ride the stuff that works. There is a small “but” however, because doomsayers could have a point by stating that Module 13 is the product of even less resources put into the game. We know Cryptic is currently working hard on the “Magic the Gathering” MMO and have pulled some Neverwinter devs to help out there. So could additional features, like a new class, have been sacrificed for it? Sure, but that’s something only time can tell. If the next module looks like Lost City of Omu, and the mod thereafter, then the game is in trouble. At some point in the near future, we surely need that “big thing nobody knows yet”.

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