Lisa Douglas Nominated to the Top American Lawyers

Lisa Douglas, Arkansas Attorney, has been nominated to the Top American Lawyers. Lisa Douglas has been licensed as a Registered Nurse for over two decades and licensed as a lawyer for over a decade. Her firm focuses on injury and accident law.

Little Rock, AR, April 18, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – Law Offices of Lisa Douglas is pleased to announce that attorney and firm founder, Lisa Douglas, has been nominated for membership to the Top American Lawyers. The membership committee at the Top American Lawyers has commended Lisa Douglas for her professional achievements and commitment to excellence in the legal field.  Because of her excellence and professional endeavors she earned an invitation for membership in the Top American Lawyers.

All candidates are extensively screened and many do not meet the criteria for membership.  Because of the stringent standards, membership is limited to fewer than one percent (1%) of the nation’s lawyers.  Membership selection requires nomination and screening by attorney peer review. According to the Top American Lawyers membership committee, “only the top lawyers make the cut.”

Lisa Douglas’ invitation reads, “In a world where there are many lawyers, but so few excellent attorneys, it is invigorating to know that attorneys committed to such high standards as yourself are still out there.” Law Offices of Lisa Douglas is proud to have a “Top American Lawyer” who is committed to professional excellence.

Lisa Douglas is also licensed as a Registered Nurse.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas in 1986.  While she maintains her nursing license, she is now a practicing lawyer, utilizing her medical knowledge and skills for the benefit of her law clients.

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Lisa Douglas
Law Offices of Lisa Douglas
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