Liquid Painting Service – What Makes it Unique

For over the centuries, liquid painting service has been deployed to attain a conventional and consistent finishing of objects, even though, its procedure has gone through various changes with new concepts, more and more color options, and technological evolvements. Perhaps the biggest benefit of wet painting is its simplicity of infrastructure that needs no more than a pump, sprayers, color coats, and know-how of the technician to even put the paints over a metal surface.

Liquid Painting Service- Comparing its Benefits

Instead of comparing the advantages of liquid painting service with powder coating or electroplating procedures, it would be levelheaded to conclude that all coated objects used in industrial applications require adhering to varied standards, challenges, and environmental conditions. With the blessings of technological upgrading, all popular coating concepts including wet painting have established their prowess to keep the users happy with their properties to satisfy their needs.

Thus, as powder coating and plating offer obvious benefits in various situation, it’s liquid painting advantages that appear unbeatable with its unique properties that none of its counterparts can deal with. For example, if you need color options, thinner coat and or a painting which can be renewed in future (most common in the automobile industry) you’ve just no other option but to look for liquid painting service, which is the only solution available on earth.


After a thorough cleaning of substrates, the liquid paint is blasted on the object by means of various spraying guns while it produces a coat of 15-20 micros. No wonder, even in 21st century, prepared with state-of-the-art mechanisms, concepts, and highly skilled technicians liquid painting service has been in the mainstream and top demanding coating solution to large-scale industries such as an automobile, engineering, defense, aviation, home appliances, decorative and others.

Advantages of Liquid Painting Service

Wide Color Options

The scope of liquid painting service can be well realized when consumers look for color options, innovative shades or personalized coat finishing. Prepared with an array of painting choices such as polyurethanes, acrylics, silicon, polyesters and more, the wet paint world is prepared to meet any color choice preferred by industries. For example, Teflon is a special color choice extensively demanded in defense services.

Thinner Coating

One unique advantage of wet paint is it can turn out exclusive class thinner coating option which has high demand especially for applications that need thin films. It is worth maintaining that as we often distinguish power coating is less wasteful due to its single application and machine-based procedure, even though wet paint requires more coats but due to less consumption, the amount of waste is negligible and skilled labors can make it more cost effective.

Smooth Finishing

Smooth and polished with no texture appearance is what makes liquid painting service top demanding to gigantic industries like automobile, the home appliance to the decorative world. Practically, if you look for a thin, smooth, zero-textured, and lustrous coating finish, there is no second alternative of wet paint.

Ease of Masking/Mending/Altering

While masking is often demanded aside from basic coat in various applications, it could be costly with powder coating or plating since they need high-temperature back up. Liquid painting service never involves a high-temperature process and helps to settle the masking coat evenly without any hassle. If the base color is wet paint, then only, small touch-up due to error or mending of flaked color is potential. Moreover, liquid painting coat is flexible for altering in the future.


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