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Lightweight folding wheelchair – Kosmochem.com

The light weight folding wheelchair offered by Kosmochem is best for someone looking for mobility uses. There are different brands of manual wheelchair available with Kosmochem specially designed for differently abled people. The unique designs and quality sets an exemplary example for best pieces of manual wheelchairs provided by Kosmochem. There are wide varieties of types available for multipurpose uses such as commode wheelchairs, shower chairs etc, to mention a few.

The wheelchairs are not only designed for flexibility but also to make sure about the comfort and easy handling. The manual chair comes with comfortable leg rest and arm rest to reduce muscle stress in hands and legs ligaments. Manual chairs offered are foldable thus reducing the overall storage space and are often easy to carry. Kosmochem provides diverse range of standard models to exclusive transit models for wheelchairs. Reclining back allows resting your spine in proper posture and mild steel frame provides strength.
For details visit – https://www.kosmochem.com/ProductSearch.aspx?CID=201



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