Leather Bags vs. Canvas Bags – Which is better?


Whether you are looking for a new classy backpack or travel bag, you should invest in a timeless piece that lasts for several years. There are literally several models and materials to choose from. Among all other materials, leather and canvas are two options topping most lists. So it is necessary to familiarise yourself on these two intricate fabrics. However, which is the better option? Read on how to choose between canvas and leather, and what to look out for in either case.

Leather bags

Regardless of the style of bag you opt, choosing leather has got many benefits. One of the apparent reasons why leather bags for men are popular is durability. If it is maintained well, a leather bag can provide you many years of service before you even consider a replacement. In fact, leather gets better as it age over time. Yes, the leather softens and often changes colour overtime, exhibiting its natural beauty. This is why leather bags are popular among both men and women.

Besides being durable, leather is a timeless material that is both stylish and functional. The leather is used in different forms for centuries and it is more popular than ever before. So, obviously carrying a leather backpack or bag adds sophistication and gives a classy look. It is an indicator of someone with class and appreciation of quality, which is why it is popular among businessmen.


Like leather, the fabric canvas is also a durable material. The durability of canvas comes from the fact it is a plain woven fabric that gives strength and sturdiness. This fabric allows the fibres to flex and adjust with weight. It means that the bag made with the canvas material will cope up well with weight easier than other materials. It doesn’t tear easily and lasts for a long time. Maintenance is also easy with canvas and hardly requires any attention as dirt and stains can be removed easily.

This bag can be used in almost in any occasion, however, it is used for casual use where its characteristics are utilised. A canvas bag is ideal for the regular gym goer, and the backpack can be used for travelling.

The decision to choose leather bags or canvas bags depends on the factors such as what occasions will the bag used for? Leather travel bags and backpacks are more formal while canvas is casual, the purpose of the bag, and the style of the bag. Once you figure out these, you’ll be able to pick the one that is suitable for you.

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