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According to the latest Old School official news post, we have learn that the long-awaited OSRS Bounty Hunter rework beta takes effect now with some key changes. Now you can learn the new adjustments and improvements about Bounty points, mysterious emblems and more from us.

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Obtain Bounty points by killing many targets & killstreaks

OSRS Bounty Hunter rework beta has been released. In this beta, you can obtain the Bounty points as the rewards of killing your targets, and the amount of the points you can get depends on how many targets you kill. You can learn further details below:
– 25 points awarded after killing 10 targets
– 50 points awarded when you kill 50 targets.
– 75 points awarded while killing 100 targets.
– 100 points awarded after killing 250 targets.
– 150 points awarded when you kill 1000 targets.
Besides, if you kill multiple targets in a row, there will be a killstreak showed to you, which can award you more Bounty points.

Updates to mysterious emblems in Bounty Hunter rework beta

From the Bounty Hunter rework beta you can also see some new changes to mysterious emblems. The old mysterious emblems growing weathered and worn can be traded at the older version of the Bounty Hunter store for points. Now you can buy and sell the new emblems at the Emblem Trader. Tier 1 emblems may cost 75,000 GP and the higher tiers will cost twice as much as the last respectively, going up to tier 5 at 1,200,000 GP. Besides, there is the decorative tier 10 emblem that can be bought from the trader for 100 new BH points. In return, They can also make you earn some extra gold whilst playing the minigame.
In addition, if your targets have the same or higher tier emblems as you, the new interface will inform you and you can make your emblems upgraded. If not, it will allow you to skip your target without a penalty.

What will happen to OSRS Rune pouch and Looting bag?

As for both Rune pouch and Looting bag for Bounty Hunter, OSRS team plan to make a poll about making the Rune pouch and Looting bag tradeable following the upcoming Twisted Leagues poll. In the meantime, Rune pouches can be obtainable only through the Slayer reward shop or the Bounty Hunter reward shop until the poll releases.
If most of you prefer they remain untradeable, OSRS team may offer the Rune pouch from other thematically fitting content like the Mage Training Arena in the future, which can be a higher priority to restore some of the item’s accessibility.

OSRS Bounty Hunter rework beta is now live. Come to join in and experience these new important changes.

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