Learn RS Sloak Scaling Rule with Free RSorder RSgold

According to the newest RS game updates, we can see that there is a new RS Sloak scaling rule that the mechanics and life point thresholds change with team size. You can also learn some improvements to Sloak from us.

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RS Sloak scaling based on group size

Sloak is one of the most powerful monsters, which is released in May, 2018. Originally you need to defeat Sloak in either a team of 2 or up to 7 man in The Lost Grove island. However, upon the completion of the latest game updates, Sloak scaling rule has changed. Now there is a new system where Solak’s difficulty will scale depending on your group size. No matter what your team size is, Erethdor’s grimoire will not degrade when used during the fight.
To start the battle with RS Sloak, you should speak to Merethiel who can help you a lot during the fight. When you defeat him, you can be able to get tier 92 dual-wield blightbound crossbows, Erethdor’s grimoire, his boss pet Solly and other drops. Once you get hold of all drops from Solak’s collection log, you can obtain the title [Name] the Guardian of the Grove.

Improvements to RS Sloak

In addition, RS team also has made a few quality of life improvements to Sloak, including:
– Remove defence animations in order to make the fight look smoother.
– Now Merethiel’s cleanse can be activated instantly upon entering phase 2 of the fight.
– Now you can choose a right-click option to start the fight quickly.

Keep your eyes peel at RS Sloak scaling rule and improvements.

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