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New skill Archaeology is coming soon to the game with various new contents, including the Archaeology Journal. Here you could learn how to get and use this RS Archaeology Journal.

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Receive RS3 Archaeology Journal for new skill

The Archaeology Journal will be added to the game with the release of this RS new skill. It can be received after the skill’s tutorial is finished. According to the recent official dev blog, this is similar to that found in the Arc and Menaphos areas but features some information relevant to the Archaeology skill.

What can you do with RS Archaeology Journal?

The Archaeology Journal isn’t just a dusty old book. Here you could learn what you can do with the Archaeology Journal:
1. Archaeology Journal allows you to teleport to the Varrock dig site.
2. You can see your current level and qualifications.
3. You can also see what relics are currently active, what research you have in the works, and how many achievements you have.
4. You will find materials, artefacts, soil, and lore mysteries when excavating, which can be tracked in the Journals.
5. As you restore items, you are able to see fluff text and historical analysis in the Journal. There is also the information on where you can hand them in to collectors and how many items you have restored.

Hope now you know more about RS3 Archaeology Journal.

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