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Three years ago the back then big Neverwinter YouTuber “The Assist Man” probably delivered the most well-known rant about the state of the game. Titled “The Sad Truth About Neverwinter” the video has garnered over 200,000 views over time. With that it’s probably one of the most viewed videos about the game ever, at least since its release. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely go back and watch it. It’s a historic document about the state of the game back then. Plus the stuff we’ll discuss in this article is partially based on it.Get safewow 75 discount neverwinter astral diamonds to acknowledge Re-Evaluates Neverwinter.

Does Neverwinter Still Suck?

The message three years ago was pretty darn clear. “The Assist Man” had no plans of playing the game again unless some things would change. And he did actually quit, so it’s not like he just delivered a rant and then didn’t walk the walk. However, times change and two weeks ago a second video by him appeared that re-evaluates the game today based on the flaws he pointed out back in the day. I normally don’t dedicate a full article on other people’s content, but since we’re talking about the video of recent memory and he touches on some interesting points, why not?

I’m not going to deliver a full summary by the way. So once again, please go watch the video in case you’re interested in the full take.

All right, so let’s go! I think what makes this an interesting piece of content is the unique situation “The Assist Man” is coming from. He’s a retired hardcore player that recently came back and largely experiences the game from a new player’s perspective again. So in a way somebody who has been completely away is better able to see the big picture.

Refining System, Leveling Changes a Huge Plus

One example of that are the leveling changes. I think we’ve mentioned and applauded them around here, but it was more in the sense of “ok cool, long overdue”. The way Assist Man raves really makes you appreciate the feature much more. It’s not quite the same with the refining system. I think we properly gave credit there. But it’s still nice to see how people enjoy the feature now vs. then.

On the other hand I feel like he’s falling victim to a “new players fallacy” in terms of content. It’s not what the game is all about and can do with the amount of resources they have. I additionally giggled when he brought up the “there’s no longer broken stuff like TR double-dipping” when it probably was the #1 balancing issue of going into Mod 14 on PC. So that’s your improvement and learning curve… Of course consoles now will never have to deal with it.

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